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The town retreats from the black berets and a protester disappears: More details of the protests in Noivitas

The town retreats from the black berets and a protester disappears: More details of the protests in Noivitas

While The regime is trying to calm the discontent of the Cubans Which sparked protests for two consecutive nights in NoivitasCamagüey, with modifications to power outage schedule From county and folk festivals, Social media continues to reveal details of what happened in the demonstrations.

A video was posted on Twitter By a user identifying himself as Leo Libertad, it shows the moment when a truck of troops called the Black Berets, which are supposed to be sent to quell a protest, have to back away from stones thrown by protesters.

“#ULTIMAHORA I get photos of the moment the residents of #pastelillo #Nuevitas #Camaguey force and force a black-hat truck to back up and leave… This is how #PCCTerrorista #CubaPaLaCalle,” the accompanying text reads the video.

The town of Bastillo would have prevented “with machetes” the arrest of four protestersto me Posted on Facebook Independent audiovisual producer and executive secretary of Havana’s Ministry of Youth Adrian Martínez Cádiz.

“In the afternoon, they tried to take four young men from Bastillo and people came out with machetes, avoiding arresting the protesters,” says Martinez Cadiz.

He describes the young Catholic: “They still maintain electricity in the city and the atmosphere is very tense. The residents of Bastillo have armed themselves with what they can.”

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In his post, he also confirms it The people of Noivitas did not go out to the party organized by the provincial government in the streetwhere they distributed “picadillo” and carried out “activities for Children“.

specially, Three Cuban girls were beaten by the police During the second consecutive night of protests in Noivitasas it was said in a video detected by Cubans around the world.

According to the testimony of 11 or 12-year-old girls, the three were walking with one of them’s father, when the police “goed out with a group of people there” and beat them to arrest the man, apparently because they had participated in the demonstrations.

“I was holding on to my dad and she was holding on to my dad, then To catch my imprisoned father they had to give us the policesays one of the three, who claimed they hit her in the thigh, side and back. At another point in the video, she showed blows to her feet.

“I hit them too because they hit me,” says another who was hit on her feet and sides, according to her account.

The name of the girl who was holding her father and being beaten is Gerlin Torrente Echevarría He will be 11 years old, according to a post on Facebook User Lucía Rodríguez who denounces the disappearance of her brother Jose Armando Torrente, who was detained by the police and beaten, Who will be the father of the minor?

Lucia wrote: “In Nuevitas they condemn the disappearance of one of the detainees last night: my brother José Armando Torrente.” He denounced “they beat him until he lost consciousness, he is in the police station in Noevitas. They say he is not there, but very bad, disfigured from the severe blows.”

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The post adds: “The girl who was injured is named Guerlain Torrente Echevarria, 11, who lives in Building 38, Apartment 7 in Micro 2, Nuevitas, Camagüey.”

“They say they sent him to Camaguey and this is a lie, the people working there confirmed it to my husband’s wife who is inside, but he was badly injured, please help,” Rodriguez asks and offers a phone number to receive information: 51097934.

Last Friday night, August 19, it was Second mass protest in a row against power cuts in Neuvitas.

In various videos broadcast on Facebook By user Luis Pons, protesters were heard chanting the now-familiar phrases “Hello, police prick” and “turn on prick current”in the middle of the dark. Alarm cries are also heard in the presence of police dogs.

was protested After hours of organizing the authorities Revolutionary Reaffirmation Process‘, as the system calls it Divorce businessin front of the Camaguey municipal government headquarters, where the first demonstration erupted on Thursday evening in the midst of a prolonged power outage.