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The teachers of the Department of Economic Administration Sciences at Tec de Colima obtain ANFECA - Va de Nuez News certification

The teachers of the Department of Economic Administration Sciences at Tec de Colima obtain ANFECA – Va de Nuez News certification

As a result of organized, continuous and continuous academic and professional work, three teachers from the Department of Economic Administrative Sciences of the Technological Institute of Colima have obtained the certificate issued by the National Association of Colleges and Schools of Accounting and Management (ANFECA), by full compliance with the indicators required by this process.

Hector Eduardo Cardenas Velasco and Gilberto Herrera Delgado is the first time they participate in this call, which ANFECA considered its last five years of academic and professional work for the evaluation.

In the case of Maria Sanchez Lozoya, this is the third time that this operation has been approved, and its first certification was in 2014, and the rehabs take three years and I got it in 2018 and that, in 2021.

The main areas that ANFECA evaluates to be considered for certification are: academic training and modernization, teaching, research, mentorship and connectivity, management and awards obtained; Certification applicants must work continuously in these areas and create evidence files that support each of their activities.

Gilberto Herrera Delgado, Head of the Department of Economic-Administrative Sciences, emphasized that it is important to participate in this type of call and belong to associations of a national or international scope because this supports the professional and academic development of the teacher.

“It helps keep you informed, establish links with various sectors, encourage continuous training, motivate you to do research, participate in conferences, and publish in peer-reviewed journals, among other things,” he said.

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He argued that this group of experiences and knowledge develops among those who obtain the certificate a background of specialized and current culture in accounting issues, as well as management, which is finally applied in teaching, which will directly benefit the student body and the institution.

The academic also commented that this certification is important because a nationally recognized body is telling me that it is on the right track.

“This is an incentive to move forward and continue developing the daily activities and projects that happen for the benefit of the student body and me, because I want to continue to grow as an academic and as a human being,” he explained.

He added that most teachers carry out the kind of activities required by certification, as they are part of the daily work. “What must be strengthened is discipline in documenting and maintaining evidence of what we are doing in an organized manner, as it is the raw material for evaluation.”

The head of the Department of Administrative Economic Sciences emphasized that keeping a degree of this type for several periods means continuous and orderly work.

Teacher Maria Sanchez indicated that you must participate in many activities at the same time, planning and organizing, which sometimes becomes heavy.

“But it is worth it because it is in the interest of the self and the institution, but especially in the interest of the student body, because we set a model for what we ask them to do, and from this point of view it is also an example for our children.”

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