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El Supremo dice que Enfermería no puede recomendar tratamientos estéticos

Aesthetic medicine is compatible with doctors, not nurses

Foreign Supreme Court.

The Supreme court It states that in The field of aesthetic medicine is compatible with the medical profession Nurses are not planning and implementing treatments and interventions General Council of Official Nursing Faculties Certain aspects of a nurse’s professional practice cannot be requested in a field Body care and anti-aging for health.

Section IV of the Dispute Chamber rejected the appeal filed by the General Council of Official Nursing Societies against the Madrid Supreme Court ruling that The decision 19/2017 issued by the General Council of Official Nursing Faculties was annulled, Through which aspects of the professional practice of these professionals in the field of beauty care, body care and aging prevention for health are arranged.

The judgment analyzes the organization of the health professions through which the functions performed by the medical and nursing staff are distinguished. The court clarifies that these two functions are not identical, not even the same, but they are necessary because of their complementarity, to protect the health of patients, Well, they contribute, through their different training and different jobs, to the realization of this purpose..

The court argues that the recognized functions of professional unions do not enable the General Council of Nurses to organize, in the conditions under which it is made in the appealed decision in the case, Nurse jobs are separate from the medical care activity, and from medical coordination when necessary..

For the Chamber, whether or not there is a specialty in aesthetic medicine is an occasional question for those who have filed an appeal because even the Supreme Court ruling does not confirm the existence of such a specialty, on the contrary, it indicates Although it is not a specialty (The eighth legal basis), this does not mean that the appealing General Council may have jurisdiction over the aforementioned regulation order in the way it operates in the contested decision.

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For this reason, the Chamber considers that the final absence of specific regulatory, legal and regulatory regulations, as the case may be, in the provision of health services related to beauty and the prevention of aging may in no way necessitate the “empowerment of the recurrent general assembly of the Council for Arranging and organizing the identification of professional positions among the medical and nursing staff. Well, the general rules outlined in the outline in which every health profession should develop are still in effect. “

The ruling concludes that, in accordance with the substance of the General Council of Nurses Resolution No. 19/2017, the tasks attributed to these professionals It does not comply with the law and the General Council cannot repeat the orderIn the conditions made in the aforementioned decision, the professional practice of nurses in the field of beauty and body care and the prevention of aging, which mainly affects health.

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