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Bioplant Center Promises (+ Photos) • Workers

The Bioplant Center group was one of the winners of the regional awards of the Academy of Sciences and Technological Innovation of Ciego de Ávila, delivered at an activity honoring January 15, Cuban Science Day.

In addition to the in vitro production program for pineapple plants, work is currently underway on a project for the local development of forest species. Photo: Jose Luis Martinez Alejo

One of the champions of the results of the economic and social impact in 2021, is the Director General of that scientific institution, Doctor of Agricultural Sciences Marcos Edel Martinez Monteiro, who reported on the priorities for 2022, the stage at which the said center will achieve. 30 years of establishment.

Doctor of Science Marcos Edel Martinez Monteiro, MD, is the general director of the Avilanian Center for Vital Botanicals. Photo: Jose Luis Martinez Alejo

“We continue our main project, which is the production of glass plants for the diversification of pineapple cultivation in the Ceballos Agroindustrial company at work, in which the integration of the Research Center, the University of Ciego de Ávila and the Socialist State Company is being realized.” .

In this department, five varieties have been worked on at the laboratory stage, four of which have already been introduced into the field, 105 thousand of these young plants have been delivered, with 103% compliance. Commitment to 450,000 units until 2024 when the project is planned.

The canyon access ramp is of the ecological type known as the big-headed pineapple, in the conditions in the laboratory in this time. In this regard, Martinez Monteiro explained that it is an ongoing strategy proposed by Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Party and President of the Republic of Cuba, during a visit to the Scientific Foundation.

“We believe that by the second half of this year it will be diversified in the country and we will have a large head of production. We have technical instructions for that, but producers and business people must be sensitized because pineapple, although it appears to be a simple crop, is complicated by the stage of adaptation outside the laboratory and acclimatization,” he added. And take the glass plants into the field.”

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The doctor also referred to the embodiment of local development projects, among them the project dedicated to obtaining a natural sweetener with a low energy content for food production, from extracts of Stevia rebaudiana, with proven experimental results as a syrup to replace sugar. Slices of pineapple in the manufacture of a small Che Guevara.

Master of Science Lelurlys Napoles Borrero. Photo: Jose Luis Martinez Alejo

For her part, Master of Science Lelurlys Nápoles Borrero, Director of Scaling and Technology Transfer at Bioplants, highlighted that they worked with Medialuna Medium Enterprise in using Flor de Jamaica to produce nationally usable soft drinks. consumption and export.

Architect Lilian Morejón Sanchez, winner of the National Exhibition Forjadores del Futuro 2021. Photo: José Luis Martínez Alejo

With these results, endorsed by the 15 prizes of the Cuban Academy of Sciences and those of the Forjadores del Futuro National Exhibition 2021, among other prizes appreciated by the group, the Bioplantas workers are committed to making more contributions to the country along the way.. nearly three decades since its founding on December 5, 1992 .