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Workout routines to increase muscle mass and lose weight

Workout routines to increase muscle mass and lose weight

If he is Playing sports Strength is part of your regular training routine, you’ll know adding resistance, like Elastic laces, Weight, like kettlebellOr dumbbells or others Materials such as ballasts Improve the subject’s acquired abilities to develop these exercises. Plus, it helps you increase muscle mass and of course burn calories and fat. This time we will tell you about Exercises with weightsExtensions are very comfortable to use and will increase the benefits of your training. What’s more, We invite you to contact these materialsDo a routine, you’ll find at the end of this gallery.

“Wrist or ankle weights are wrist bands / anklets filled with different weights, which are adjusted through an adjustable closure. With them, we can perform exercises to strengthen the muscles of the lower and upper extremities,” explains Anna Senra, Decathlon fitness expert.

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The aim of the exercises with ballasts

As Hector Libana, studio manager at Orangetheory Fitness La Moraleja adds, this exercise material is used with the goal of increasing the body weight that a person should mobilize when performing suggested exercises or activities. The main use of these attachments is to use these external loads to optimize the transmission to force work and improve this capacity with various goals such as improving speed, power, or transporting to environments or contacts that require carrying this weight, etc.

“It is an accessible material because it is inexpensive. Takes little space. You can perform exercises to strengthen bodybuilding in the lower and upper extremities On some models, the weight is adjustable and you can increase the weight according to exercise as well as wash in the washing machine, ”explains Decathlon’s fitness specialist.

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