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Jesús Sotelo Asef - Call Today

Jesús Sotelo Asef – Call Today

Last March of this year, a fire was recorded in the arboretum of the Faculty of Forest Sciences of the University of Juarez, and given the damage it suffered, the student community headed by Cesar Salinas took various measures to obtain trees and carry out reforestation campaign. The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment in the state of Durango donated 260 trays to the nursery, in addition to trees with a height of approx two meters for the UJED reforestation program, while the Municipal Environment Directorate contributed ten more, which will be employed for the same purpose.

Palace Technical Secretary, Jess Guillermo Sutilo Asif, on behalf of University Adviser Robin Solís Rios, and Director of the School of Forest Sciences, Raؤولl Solís Moreno; The environment minister, Alfredo Herrera Doynwig, and the president of the student community, Cesar Salinas, planted the first tree, marking the start of the reforestation campaign.

In the context of a ceremony in the civic square of the aforementioned academic unit, Sutilo Asif said that these kinds of events speak well of the university and the college itself, and in the same place he praised all of the work done by the Faculty of Forest Sciences, “… personally, I think it An example to follow given her degrees and credits, but also because of the kind of events that relationships are being strengthened with. For the university, this is a turning point that allows other colleges to continue working in the same direction … ”he said.

He recognized the support that the Minister of Environment offered to the university. Likewise, he highlighted the behavior and commitment of the student community, and well, “… I am sure that all of this will bear fruit for the benefit of the college, the university, the municipality and the state of Durango …”, ended.

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On behalf of the College of Forest Sciences community, Director Raul Solís thanked Moreno for handing over the trees and trays, “… when he is with us, he should support us not only for the school, but for the university…”, he told the state official.

In addition, he added that in these works the youth of the student community participate on a daily basis, especially in the reforestation that this studies house is undertaking; By doing so, he said, they showed that they love their university and put the name of their college on.

He also thanked him for his support for the development of student housing, and for giving students the opportunity to do training service,
“… as they learn what fidelity has in forest matters; as well as opening some jobs, which is also important …”

Environment Minister Alfredo Herrera highlighted the close and important link that exists between the agency he represents and UJED, for which he said: “… the doors of the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment will always be open to our UJED friends, and more to the School of Forest Sciences, which is one of the most popular. The agencies are linked to the agency.I am very happy to work together so that we can implement the various efforts, and as much as possible, we will support them in restoring the infrastructure that has been destroyed by fire … ”, he promised.

He stressed that the issue of reforestation is important and that we work together in coordination as instructed by Governor Jose Esboro Torres, “who wants us to work hand in hand.” It should be noted that at the time he touched upon these issues, an initial drizzle began to fall, to which the secretary hinted: “… we hope that there will be heavy rain, because we are suffering from a long and severe drought in a large part of the state of Durango. We hope the rains will help us in Solve this big problem … “.

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