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The T Rex’s teeth weren’t exposed all the time

The T Rex’s teeth weren’t exposed all the time

Unlike what we’ve seen in the movies, T. Rexes didn’t always show their teeth. They seem to have scaly lips to hide them.

Prehistoric movies lied to us about predators. Although they would definitely look more menacing like this, T. Rex had no exposed teeth. Instead of always showing them off to their prey, it seems They “hid” behind flaky lips. Something similar to how lizards have them, according to a study published in Sciences.

The artists and scientists who participated in the study started from the same questions. you have it Theropod dinosaurs had exposed upper teeth always? This group includes Velociraptor, a prehistoric winged predator, and the fearsome T. rex. This is what they discovered.

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Beyond the Hollywood aesthetic

The image that comes to mind when we think of a file T-Rex is a huge beast with giant fangs, which is shown when it roars at its favorite prey. Although it was already a large predator during the Cretaceous period, it looks like it is I didn’t always have exposed teeth.

Therefore, they addressed the problem with the most detailed study to date. In it, they examined the following elements in the bones of some theropod dinosaurs:

  • tooth structure
  • wear patterns
  • Jaw morphology
  • oral functions
picture Fausto Garcia Menendez in unsplash

After analysis, it turned out that the mouth of dinosaurs is more like it.to lizards more than to crocodilesThe authors write. So, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to think they have it too flaky lips covering your teeth.

With all of the above to the study authors It just doesn’t seem appropriate to prioritize the fierce aestheticof character Hollywood is more scientific than it is, about what a T-Rex really looked like. In this regard, Mark Whitton, a visiting researcher at the School of Environment, Geography and Earth Sciences at the University of Portsmouth, explains the following:

We alter this popular representation by covering their teeth with the lips of a lizard. This means that many representations of our favorite dinosaurs are incorrect, including the famous Jurassic Park T. Rex,” said the specialist in launch.

With this study, the researchers shed new light on how the soft tissues of this prehistoric species were reconstructed. Not only that: how to rebuild image of these animalsfor him way of eating and other information about you development in that distant past.

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