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The strong message from the crew of the Guatemalan singer-songwriter in which he denied his retirement from music

The strong message from the crew of the Guatemalan singer-songwriter in which he denied his retirement from music

Guatemalan singer Ricardo Arjona confirmed that he will not continue his concert tour due to back problems, which will force him to undergo surgery. Evie Successful Latin Performance Team.

“Ricardo Arjona will not retire.” The Guatemalan team explained categorically, in response to the confusion caused by a post published by the artist on social networks upon the closure of his business in Chile. Black and white tour.

There’s no retreat to speak of. We just finished a a trip “The period is very long and Ricciardo is suffering from some (non-serious) health problems in his back that need rest,” the team explained in a written statement sent to. Evie They deny rumors of his final farewell from the theater.

The Guatemalan started the round black and white in 2022 in Europe, where it continued across the United States and Latin America, then continued this year with a second leg culminating with shows on December 9 and 10 in Santiago, Chile, which marked the conclusion of a 159-concert tour. .

according to boxscore bulletin board, As of mid-2023, Arjona’s tours have grossed US$154.6 million and sold 2 million tickets, numbers that place him as the 10th highest-grossing Latin artist to ever tour.

At the conclusion of the last two concerts in Chile, Arjona (59 years old) published a long statement on Instagram in which he announced the suspension of his tour, due to the back problems that he suffered from, which require anticipated surgical intervention. .

“I will have to disappear to invent a bigger reason than this. If I don’t find him, I’d rather not come back,” he wrote on the social media site with a touch of mystery that alarmed thousands of his followers.

In more than 13,000 comments on the post, emotional thanks were mixed with pleas not to give up music.

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However, they stress from the artist’s offices in Miami that the breaks, some of which are long, are part of the musician’s career: “It’s something he usually does.”

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A review of his songs and tours shows that between project and project, Arjuna, who has more than 30 years of experience and is the author of countless Latin American popular songs, took two or three years, as between publishing Nocturnal animal (1992) and stories (1994).

a tour black and whiteOn the occasion of the release of their albums white (2020) and black (2021), had to be postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Spinal injections to maintain your commitments

Last September, Arjona’s team announced that a “medical crisis” prevented the artist from completing the final dates of the “Blanco y Negro” tour, specifically with concerts in Argentina, Chile and Bolivia.

His team explained in a statement: “Ricardo Arjona underwent surgery with a spinal infiltration to try to make his commitment possible, but the results were not sufficient so he will need a few additional weeks to recover.”

In the following two months, the singer-songwriter received “six spinal infiltrations” (epidural injections) that allowed him to remain standing during concerts and, in this way, postpone an inevitable surgery in order to fulfill his pending obligations.

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But after concerts this month at Estadio Bicentenario La Florida in Santiago, he won a Grammy Award and a Lifetime Achievement Award. painting Latino indicated that he would no longer be able to continue with a trip.

“Life and people have been so generous to this Guatemalan from the neighborhood, a public school teacher, who by playing the guitar, adding a few words and experimenting with the melody, achieved a miracle he never suspected,” he said gratefully.

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