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Meghan Markle stars in a new ad for a coffee brand

Meghan Markle stars in a new ad for a coffee brand

toA brand specializing in latte coffee, CleverblendsShe revealed “luxury enhancements” in a new advertisement on Instagram. Meghan Markle He appears on various occasions in the company’s video which aims to show the number of orders they have for this purpose Christmas.

Displays the video Duchess of Sussex As part of the team that packs the packages. Then the scene changes to an office in which the same characters appear, but in a different role. “Digital team,” says the lead voice. The sequence is repeated in two other business scenarios, meaning that although it is a small company, it has high-profile customers and its products are selling well.

Will Harry and Meghan return to London for Christmas?

A source close to the family of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex revealed to the magazine elle that it Prince Harry Meghan Markle will spend the holiday at her home in Montecito Angels. He also said that they will celebrate with games, a big dinner and many gifts with the actress’ family and friends of the couple.

But a second source mentioned this They want to re-establish a cordial relationship with the Welsh princes William and KateWhere they were not contacted. The only member of the royal family The person they called was King Charles.Harry’s father. Certainly, the role that the king may play in reconciliation between his sons will determine the outcome.

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