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The singer’s complex state of health after he contracted pneumonia

The singer’s complex state of health after he contracted pneumonia

On May 13th Enrique Iglesias He had to cancel an important presentation in Mexico, and although it is believed to be a minor health issue, the singer appears to be experiencing delicate moments of health.

The condition was derived from pneumonia suffered by the singer who, according to his account the mom Isabella Pressler Journalist Carlos Pérez Jimeno worried his family:

“It was very scary, but fortunate He is at home. “My son is very responsible and it was a great disappointment for him that he had to cancel the concert because he is a great professional,” said former partner of writer Mario Vargas Llosa.

Luckily he’s recovering, though Still in bed “We are confident that he can return to his professional activities within a few days,” the singer’s mother added.

The current health condition of Enrique Iglesias


Enrique Iglesias reveals his medical diagnosis

Enrique Iglesias It is confirmed as one of the strong pieces of the Tecate Emblema Festival, which kicked off on Saturday, May 13 in Mexico City; However, the singer canceled his participation due to seriousness illness.

Through his Instagram stories, Enrique announced the medical diagnosis that forced him out of the event: “Dear fans, unfortunately, it will be impossible for me to appear on the show in Mexico tonight,” he began.

I have pneumonia and the doctors advised me to rest completely It is forbidden to board the plane. I am honestly sad about what it means to cancel this show in a country that has given me so much.”

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“I hope to recover quickly and be able to be back with you in the best of shape very soon. I apologize a thousand times and send a big hug to all the fans.”

Statement from Enrique Iglesias


Apparently, the long-awaited second edition of Tecate Emblema was in great trouble, as Enrique Iglesias, who will be closing the first night of Tecate Stage, announced that he would not be flying to Mexico to perform his show.

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