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The seven pillars of well-being to enjoy a long and happy life, according to the CEO of the Chopra Foundation

The seven pillars of well-being to enjoy a long and happy life, according to the CEO of the Chopra Foundation

Punacha Machaya tells us that there are seven aspects that we should pay attention to in our daily life to improve our quality of life.

every year, Deepak Chopra, the most influential spiritual teacher in the world The greatest advocate of integrative medicine, it combines The world’s brightest minds in various fields of science and spirituality To discuss the future of humanity in “Sages and Scholars”, an event born in the United States but which will be held next October for the first time in Europe, more specifically in Mallorca.

with Mariana Salinasfounder of Sadhana Works and ambassador of the Chopra Foundation in Spain, as host, “Sages and Scholars” will take place on October 15 and 16 at the Zoëtry Mallorca Hotel and will feature, among other personalities, the artist himself Deepak Chopra and the CEO of his foundation, Poonacha Machahia, who has just visited Spain to co-present This meeting.

“Our reason for being is to reach a billion people to ‘build’ orA more just, sustainable, happy and peaceful world. “Everything we do, every day, is aimed at achieving this goal,” says Makahia, which, as a statement of intent, is not bad at all.

Longevity, health, well-being, mind, body… In the cocktail shaker of the Chopra Foundation’s ideology are stirred concepts that, although fundamental, escape our grasp due to our lifestyle. “Starting from the premise that sOnly 5% of the diseases we suffer from can be determined by genetic inheritance While and that Epigenetics will be responsible for the remaining 95%The message couldn’t be clearer: The secret to good health is… Adopt healthy lifestyle habits Which allows us to have a positive impact on that overwhelming 95%.”

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To make it easier for us, Punacha Machaya prescribes a “free medicine that does not have any unwanted effects”, based on The seven pillars of well-being According to the Chopra Foundation.”

Nourishing our bodies with healthy foods It is rich in vitamins that provide our body with the high-quality fuel it needs to function properly. We know that our brain and stomach are connected by the vagus nerve. This connection, body and mind, is clearly perceived through our breathing. “So, for our brain to function properly, it needs the stomach to process nutritious foods, because if we give it low-quality food, it will suffer.”

Action will be the second pillar. There is an ancient Vedic saying that confirms this Flexibility is the key to eternity. Flexibility of body and mind, because as we get older, we become stiffer, both in our muscles and in our thoughts. That’s why you have to move. By this, I don’t mean that you have to practice a specific routine, like CrossFit or Pilates, but simply get moving. If we move, the energy will flow.”

Third: It is essential at these times: Stress control. “The entire planet is stressed and killing us. In that regard, I have A very revealing tale of Deepak Chopra with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, who was for a time the Beatles’ spiritual guru.. When they met, I think it was in New York, Mahesh Yogi approached Chopra to ask if he could clarify the word he kept hearing around him that day. The word was stress. When Chopra explained this to him, the teacher replied: “Ah! Stress is what I call it.” Resistance to existence. The only way to overcome it is to flow. In other words, as Bruce Lee suggested, we are water and flow. Let’s stop resisting Which we cannot change.”

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The fourth pillar is “Regularly engage in a practice that allows us to connect body and mind, such as yoga, dance or tai chi, through breathing. Let us practice taking several deep breaths to feel the calmness that comes over us.” “Then he smiled.”

Fifth, “Prioritizing our night’s restWhich seems increasingly complicated to us in a world where the nights are increasingly bright.

At a time when loneliness is on its way to becoming a global pandemic,Strengthening our social relationships “It will rank sixth on the list of these pillars of well-being.”

Finally, the seventh pillar will be “Connect with nature. Just walking barefoot, on the beach or on the grass, makes you feel… Recharge our internal batteries And that our oxidative stress is reduced. This may include a connection to nature as well Aligning our internal clock with nature’s clockIn his days and nights.

Let’s take note!