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The series was enough for him to decide that acting was not his forte

Selena del Villar and her husband Benny Ibarra presenting the book Adolescence, opportunity and challenge In June 2022 (Photo: Media and Media/Getty Images).

The shoemaker for your shoes, every person should mind his own business, his profession, and give his opinion only on what he understands, and that was one of the most important lessons he discovered Supermodel Selena del Villar At the beginning of his career when He briefly ventured into the world of acting Just over three decades ago.

Selena del Villar, who is also a driver, athlete and LoudspeakerHe started his career at the age of sixteen, touring the most important fashion shows in Latin America, Europe and Asia. She has been a model for magazines like Vogue magazineAnd vice versaAnd Women’s health and more.

While she was starting out in the modeling world, she met the love of her life: Benny Ibarra, ex-Timbiriche and son of singer Julisa. “The story is very simple: I started dating Benny one summer, while he was in Mexico–because he was studying in Boston–he came, and I met him, and I started dating him, and at some point I went to his house (where he lived with her mother) and that way, without even He asks me what I did, what I did, if I was a writer, secretary, painter, actress or what, I (Julisa) offered me an audition for a novel and I, like Porras, let myself go, and why not?

It was the project to which the pioneer of Spanish rock invited her sweet challengeproduced in 1988 and in which new stars such as Adela Noriega and Angélica Rivera appeared, as well as Chantal Andere, Fefi Mauri, Angélica Zorrilla, Paola Ochoa and an endless number of etc.

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The story focused on a young woman who falls in love with her teacher, a few years her senior, but who also becomes the heroine of the boarding school where she attends. A typical story of young, rebellious boys who defy their parents to get their attention.

Del Villar has arrived Pour Only with indications that the boyfriend’s mother then memorized. “When I got to Televisa, for the first time I stepped on Televisa in my life, I was horrified when they put the spoon on me because I didn’t even know what it was about, then what I did was turn it off and then I fired up the dialogues and They told me to “stay”. I’ve never taken an acting class before, and I’ve never been in front of a camera. They said to me, ‘Well, it’s a novel where it’s going to be about an all-girls school, and ejaculate “It’s okay with that,” I told him, that would be so much fun.

He soon learned that his first dare would not go well. “Everything was staged until I said that’s exactly what I don’t want to do.”Selena is honest in conversation with mara patricia castaneda.

One of the reasons was the fact that he had never acted in his life, but also who he was directing, director Arturo Receptin (Purity CastleAnd LecomprereAnd Wealth empire), who at that time had acquired 8 Ariels. sweet challenge Del Villar says it was also the first TV movie under his watch and it was a big challenge for him.

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“I had great fortune and misfortune, I confess, because I direct Ripstein and I say misfortune because, as we know, Mr. Arturo Ripstein, the great director, came from films and then began making television. He wanted to take three different shots with three cameras and on TV they don’t allow that,” he says.

Another blow to undermine her confidence was the departure of Julisa halfway through the project, “Mr. Eugenio Cobo came, after which she left me unprotected, I was no longer supported by someone, he also had a lot of affection for each other and such, and after that I had no Fun time, the truth is I didn’t have a good time.On the one hand it was a lot of fun, sites in Puebla, but once we got to the site I started shaking and it made me very nervous and I didn’t have a good time.

“I had two options: either go to study acting and continue there, or further my career as a model, which I was passionate about.” Shortly before her twentieth birthday, Selena realized that modeling and editorials are what she loves, and despite the fact that modeling in those years was not yet very acclaimed, at least in Mexico, it was her way to go.

“Maybe I consciously knew that I would never earn as much as an actress and even less as an opera actress, and that the fashion in Mexico was not what it is now and it is not the first of the world, but I like it and so Being true to myself, my tastes, what I believed in, and what felt good to me, I decided to walk that line and I thought I wasn’t wrong.. I am sure I was not mistakenHe accepts with emotion.

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After taking a break in her career to focus on her kids, “I retired with thoughts of being a full-time mom,” the model had a second wind shortly after her 50th birthday (she’s now 54). “With this opening that happened in fashion and in so many other trades and professions, of skin color, height, height, weight, age, I started doing things. Now they call me to campaign about all of that, to prove that fashion is more inclusive than before” .

In addition, on various occasions, he has also participated in a fashion show with his daughter, Maria, who has followed in his footsteps.

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