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The rescue fund missed the EU approval target by March. There is a conflict over new taxes to repay the $ 750 billion debt

Actual release Redemption Fund This is becoming more complicated than expected. As the April deadline approaches for all member states, national recovery and recession plans must be put forward, a process that will lead to Fundraising in the market By European Commission It is in the high seas. To complicate it – Kovit eliminates the arrival of evidence for a resume – and not only that Urgent appeal To German Constitutional Court Against consent. In Poland A political problem has arisen that is not secondary because it is one of the parties in the nationalist ruling coalition On the contrary Respectable section of the law And did not want to vote for the green light for the trigger package. Not only that: Under the radar, an important diplomatic war is raging in Brussels over the so-called “new own resources”, namely Extra tax revenue This will require Brussels Repay Eurobond The next generation will be funded by Yu. Chairman of the Commission on Wednesday Ursula van der Leyen And Budget Commissioner Johannes Hon Will officially present the financial strategy for raising debt 750 billion Necessary.

Equilibrium approvals from Germany to Poland – National approvals continue, but slowly. In February, the President of the European Parliament, Van der Leyen David Sasoli e Charles Michael The EU Council of Leaders hoped that they would all be completed by the end of March so that progress could be distributed. June. That goal was blatant Missed: So far they have approved 17 out of 27 countries. So now the target has been moved to the end of the second quarter. But Germany is hanging on to the decisions of the judges in Karlsruhe Hungary e Netherlands There is strong opposition and the right-wing majority in Poland supports the government Mattus Morawecki Precisely at this point is in danger. United Poland, one of the three allies, came to terms with the fact that it was not. “General credit e Federal As explained by the Deputy Secretary Mike Wajik. The green light may require opposition votes. Finance Minister Sunday Thaddeus Koskinski Was forced to appeal liability from the sides Financial TimesWarns, “It will be together.” Suicide operation Vote against ”because“ we cannot find such funds outside the EU. Especially at that price. “However, in long-term plans – such as the reform of the justice system – immediate consumption resumes and Brussels’ unconnected Brussels approach has not escaped criticism: Cost The economy is starting to recover. ”

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War on own resources – Assuming that all approvals were successful over the next two months, the issues to be resolved will not be resolved. According to Financial Times, Which collected the voices of some diplomats stationed in Brussels, is even stronger Splits In member states regarding the eligibility of additional “own resources” to repay the loan provided by the Commission. Own resources are the financial income of the administration of European countries, which differs from the contributions to the budgets made by individual countries: an example The role of VAT It is transferred to the Union. The agreement reached by Parliament and the Council at the end of 2020 will introduce new taxes sufficient to repay the $ 750 billion debt and the interest associated with it. The Commission’s priorities are fees that need to be identified from the mind Fight against climate change.

The launch of one is already planned for this year European plastic tax on non-recycled packaging. Then by June Co2 Emission Allocations (Ets) And this Plans for one Carbon tax non-border That’s one Digital line It is scheduled to launch by January 2023. But now that that time is over, regular national protests are forming. Countries are still dependent Carbon ETS prevents the expansion and consolidation of the system and the finance ministers of “different countries” Ft, Has asked the Commission not to go in the path of the digital line so as not to interfere Level negotiations OECD On the taxation of multinational corporations. “There are all kinds of difficulties,” says an ambassador quoted in the British newspaper. “There will never be a solution”.

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Economic reality – A selection of the Financial Times’ best articles translated into Italian with our economic insert.

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