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India is full of epidemics, but the faithful are multiplying in the Ganges – the last hour

. , Which is hitting the country with a second wave of an extraordinary occupation.

Today India records the highest number of infections in a single day, with 168,000 new cases, making it the second most affected country after the United States.

In the Himalayan state of Uttarakhand, where the holy city is located, pilgrims who travel once every three years are unable to enforce the rules: “Due to the large crowds, it is practically impossible to impose fines,” he admitted. Police General Sanjay Kunjal.

Access to the river is allowed only to those who wear a mask showing a negative test, but, once inside, people go ashore.

Various media outlets are rising up against this “madness” while social media is reacting with waves of criticism on the devotees, believing that the cleansing bath will protect them from the corona virus.

But this is not just a dangerous pilgrimage: elections are taking place in five major states in India, and parties everywhere are organizing massive election demonstrations. This morning, Prime Minister Modi held a rally in front of tens of thousands of supporters in Bardhaman, West Bengal: all very close to each other and without masks. (On the handle).

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