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The Republica Fake: Answers to Readers’ Questions About Second Homes, Overseas Travels and How Many You Can Be Together on Easter and Easter Mondays

My nephew lives alone in my own commune. Can you come to my house for lunch on Easter? In the family it was me, my wife and my son. Also, on the same day my married daughter will come with the twins and will be alone that day due to her husband’s shift issues. My daughter lives in the same building (her ground floor and my family’s first floor) and stays at my house every day because 17 month old babies do not attend nursery. (Joseph Romeo)

Yes, both her brother-in-law and her sister with twins under the age of 14 can come to her for lunch. On April 3, 4 and 5, friends or relatives will be able to visit a maximum of two people a day (under the age of 14 or those who are not self-sufficient). So, even if you do not cooperate with each other, you can get up to a maximum of two adults in your own home.

We understand that overseas travel is recognized, but we are only talking about the possibility of traveling by air and reaching the airport even outside the region. Are overseas trips possible in other ways, for example by Camper? (Sylvia Water)

There are no restrictions on what kind of routes to travel. The same rules apply to all travelers, whether they travel by air, ship, train, car, or camper, depending on boarding or border areas, the countries they reach or cross, and the destination.

Departing from Treviso in Veneto, Friuli can reach Lignano Sabiadoro in Venice Giulia and reach my second home, which I own with my wife and brother-in-law? The local police have given counter-explanations. (Marco Montengoli)

Yes, it is possible. A return to a second home is always allowed, even in another region, for those who can prove that they actually have the right to go before January 14th. Of course, there should be no one else in your family in the second house, except April 3, 4 and 5, with a maximum of two people, children under the age of 14 or selfless enough people, they can come and see you.

If I am always allowed to return to my apartment, house or home, can I go home if I go to a friend’s house and stay after 10pm? (Marcelo Massili)

This is only possible if there are reasons such as an illness, need or health or urgency, or the need to return home to help people living alone become self-sufficient.

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Can I go to my mom’s house only with my family unit (my wife and my 10 year old son)? The house is located in the same area – Beatmond – but in another municipality, it is not settled, my mother will not come, it is always used as a second family home to spend weekends and summers. (Marco Sage)

Yes, it is possible. The Governor of Piedmont Alberto Sirio has issued an order prohibiting residents from entering the second home only from outside the region, so movement is permitted in his case.

Can I pick up my baby from Nice starting on the 10th and ending on the 24th? What duties do I have to fulfill? (Belgian pine)

France is locked up again and entry from EU countries like Italy is not recommended. People like you, who need to go there for reasons of need or urgency, must undergo a molecular test within 72 hours of departure and provide self-certification. Upon return to Italy, you and your child must show a molecular or antigen test performed 48 hours prior to departure and a notice of the foreign country where you stayed 14 days prior to entry into Italy. You must notify your local health officer of your arrival in Italy.

I am asking for your opinion on the law that has been in force since January 16, which seems to have been confirmed, which prohibits those who purchase after January 14 from going into second homes for obvious evasive reasons. I would say that a purchase agreement cannot be defined as elusive as a result of lengthy negotiations with a preliminary agreement signed in November and a meeting with the notary for a final bond on January 28 at the beginning of January. (Kiyani Easy)

January 14 is the watershed set by the previous DBCM, for which we continue to adhere, because the explanation given by Palazzo Chiki’s Facebook page about the possibility of reaching a second home, even in the red zone, is that, for a time only, one person had already moved. Therefore, even if you signed a preliminary agreement in November and physically occupied the house after January 14, you will not be able to use it in the red zone according to the rules in force.

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The question of the possibility of moving between the regions, not now, but after the Easter period, was proposed on the State Police website on 12/01/2021, and then in March in the province of Naples. Urb. Unfortunately, there was no positive or negative response to either attempt. Basically I have to start from the province of Naples and move to the province of Buglia in the province of Bad, collecting olive oil already purchased from a local manufacturer in December 2020 because shipping by courier is not convenient. All of this will happen in one day. The question I ask and the question I pose to the above authorities is: Should my need be configured as a requirement or should a penalty be imposed for a possible check? (Marricio Millella)

We do not believe that its need can be structured as a necessary condition and that it will allow it to move from one region to another. For the distribution of essential goods that are not available in one’s own municipality or are economically convenient, it is maximum possible to go to the nearest municipality in the red and orange zones.

I am writing to you from Lombardy. My wife goes to Sicily every year for 2 months to a second home (non-resident) owned by her parents. Although the property belongs to his parents, our family can go there (alone, with a cloth needed in Sicily). Is that right? This is because I have not confirmed this in various articles in government folk or other newspapers, which actually say that those who go there must own (or rent) a house. I also searched the DL and the TBCM of 14/01/21, which usually refers to “apartment, dwelling or house”. Can you give me a regulatory reference that I can refer to for possible control by some excess agents? (Lear Cabrini)

His explanation is correct. There is no precise regulatory reference, but only regulatory self-certification. Upon subsequent verification of what you announced to justify this action, you can definitely prove that this is the family home you usually have during your holidays.

I drive at least three / four km a day. I don’t like to make fun of others by dressing up as an athlete … I have been doing this every morning for health reasons for over 30 years. In the red zone, in low traffic areas can I – alone – walk fast? How far can you finally leave the house without being fined? On this issue, everyone has their opinion true. I would like to clarify some if possible. (Tario Simonsini)

This rule does not specify the exact distance, but the proximity to one’s home indicates a limit in the red zone, which is the simplest way to perform motor activities. In the past, many local commanders have identified distances between 200 and 1000 meters. Three or four kilometers is definitely not nearby. If you want to avoid potential collisions for potential control, it is best to go close to the lap twice.

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Questions on the Government.it website are related to second homes: “Second homes can be reached in another region or even in an autonomous province (whichever region: white, yellow, orange, red). For those who can prove that they actually have the right to the same property.This title, for obvious objection reasons, must be a specific date before January 14, 2021 (for example, the date of the deed notarized or the date of registration of a private contract) All rights reserved. ” Here is my first question: I live in the province of Milan, I have an annual lease on a property in Liguria as a second vacation home, which is scheduled for 01/04/2020 and expires on 31/03/2021. The contract will be renewed for one more year, and the new lease opening date will be after 01/04/2021, or January 14, 2021: What if they stop me for a check? Should I impose a fine? Second Question: I am going to buy the above property and I will become the owner on a date after 14/01/2021. My wish is that my fianc can spend both weekends and summer vacations at home. How do I control myself? Given that the arrival of the new summer will create new annual lease agreements and property sales, is the government likely to adjust by January 14, 2021? (Manuela Adorni)

Despite the different but consistent topics, she is able to prove that she has full availability before January 14, 2021. However, at this time Governor Totti’s order prohibits entry into Liguria until 11 April for all residents.