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“She was inspired by a guy during the lockout”

A 13 year old student Ha Born in school during math test dWhen impressed by another guy Disabling Due to Govt. The woman, who did not want to be named, went to maternity leave at St. Pauligudembe Elementary School in Puama with her first summaries in the math test.

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Chief Godfrey Semanda said the girl went to maternity work during a math exam. Local newspaper. “After 20 minutes, he called his colleagues and alerted the supervisor and took the girl to the nearest medical center,” the manager explained, so the girl was taken to the hospital where she stayed for an hour. Return to class to complete delivery time and exam. The girls begged the doctors to complete the examination of everything, which is why he was given 45 minutes more than the rest of the class.

Both the mother and the baby were fine as soon as they were born, and after the exam, the 13-year-old began procedures to allow her child to be with him under the supervision of social services. One parent spoke to the press about the pregnancy, taking advantage of the fact that the daughter did not go to school and said she would attract another boy who was pregnant during the lockout.

Last Updated: Sunday 4 April 2021, 19:42

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