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The Puerto Rican Company was recognized by the Times

The Puerto Rican Company was recognized by the Times

Local company 787 Coffee Co. According to the Financial Times Economic Magazine, it has been selected as one of the fastest growing companies in the United States and has been added to its exclusive list for 2022.

The Puerto Rican coffee chain is ranked 55th out of 500 companies in the United States, Canada and Brazil. In addition, it is the second largest beverage and food brand in the world.

“Being in this ‘ranking’ in Times Magazine is undoubtedly one of the greatest rewards we have tried to achieve over the years.. This is the record of a group of enthusiastic people dedicated to bringing the best coffee in Puerto Rico to the public. ” Said Brandon Evan Pena, co-founder and partner of 787 Coffee.

Valuable Magazine compiles the Annual Classification of Fastest Growing Companies in the United States, 2022 Fastest Growing Companies 2022. It captures the recession of companies in line with the economic impact of the COVID-19 epidemic in 2020.

The list is compiled by Stadista, a research firm that ranks participants across the United States based on their combined annual growth rate of revenue between 2017 and 2020.

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In recent days, New day Posted by 787 Coffee will open 11 more stores this year between Puerto Rico and New York. Currently, there are 17 “coffee shops”., 14 of which are in the city of Skyscrapers, and three in Ila Verde, Sanders and Maricavo in Puerto Rico. It is in this last town that they grow and make the coffee they serve in their “coffee shops”.

From elsewhere, The company participated for the first time in Expo Alimentaria 2022, the largest international food fair. Held last week in Barcelona, ​​Spain, the exhibition was attended by nearly 3,000 Spanish companies from 400 countries and 400 international companies.

“787 Coffee was at this important exhibition where we had the opportunity to serve our specialty coffeeOur culture, gastronomy, our spectacular beaches and beautiful mountains, all with the aroma of the best Puerto Rican coffee. Our hearts are swollen to represent our island and to bring our coffee to the world, ”said Sam Zebulveda, co-founder of 787 Coffee.

“We connect, influence, educate and educate audiences about the importance and relevance of Puerto Rican coffee to these events,” Sebulveda added.

They were very excited about the experience in Alimentaria, they continue to build relationships in Spain and They do not rule out the possibility of opening 787 coffee in the homeland in the future.

787 Coffee Co., a Puerto Rican company formed in 2016 Through Sebulveda and Pena, both wanted good coffee. At Hacienda Iluminada in Marikavo, they grow, process and roast their own coffee using standard and ecological practices. The company generates more than 150 direct jobs.

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