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Sena has job opportunities in the United States - personal finance - economy

Sena has job opportunities in the United States – personal finance – economy

The Sean, through the Public Employment Agency, announced Call with a A total of 60 vacancies to work in the United States.

One of the requested profiles is the Nursing Assistant, To work in North Dakota. The application deadline is May 08, 2022 and a total of 10 applicants will be received.

In addition, the monthly salary ranges from 6,000,000 to 8,000,000 million Colombian pesos.

Activities may vary between ancillary procedures such as breathing therapy, the use of contractions and the removal of sutures, or the admission of people to service in accordance with health regulations, but find the full list of functions you may include This link.

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On the other hand too Employees are solicited for the position of Body Emperor. This work will be carried out in Nashville – Davidson and interested candidates can apply until May 8. Salary 6,000,000 to 8,000,000 million pesos.

People must carry out activities such as stabilizing and installing parts and accessories such as machinery, transmissions, dashboards, doors or tools, hand tools, mechanics and other aids such as lifting cranes, Also operates automated assembly equipment such as robotics and stationary automation equipment.

However, to learn more about the functions, those interested can access This link. The scheme will accept 50 candidates, for a total of 60 army vacancies abroad.

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