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NYC parks place mobile businesses in search of food vendors and original products |  Univision 41 New York WXTV

NYC parks place mobile businesses in search of food vendors and original products | Univision 41 New York WXTV

For the first time, NYC Parks offered street vendors opportunities Provide their food and supplies In city parks, and to do so, he invites people to submit plans for innovation and different ideas.

If you are interested in this offer, here are some ideas you might consider: Sell fresh and healthy salads of the original type to those who exercise in parks or sell hot and cold desserts from a distant country, and how to fix a house with fresh flowers?

Adding specialty vendors to park spaces across the city helped enrich its lush spaces, and select New York City parks now have more than 20 specialty vendors in all five metropolitan areas.

What you need to consider when submitting your application

Street vendors are forced Submit an attractive mobile unit design, and a unique product, This is because these factors are considered in the evaluation of these proposals with the aim of making significant improvements in the quality and environment of the park.

All projects must be submitted electronically Not after August 2, 2022 Purchases and resource solutions required for a PASSPport account through the Digital Portal (PASSPort).

For information on how to access applications through PASSPport, visit the NYC Parks Business Opportunities page.

These are the parks where you can place your business

NYC Parks promotes the participation of backward / minority / women-owned (D / M / WBE) businesses. The agency has created a centralized division to focus on increasing D / M / WBE participation in capital construction and consulting agreements.

Claremont Park
Croton Park
France Cyclepark
Bridge Park
McCombs Dam Park
Tremont ParkBrooklyn
Bush Terminal Pierce Park
Commodore Barry Park
Bay Parkway Seth Low Playground
Bushwick Inlet Park
Bensonhurst Park
Fulton Park
Highland Park
Lyndon Park
North 5th Street Pier and Park Manhattan
A. Philip Randolph Square
Carl Scherspark
Central Park
Collect the pool park
Cooper triangle
Columbus Park
Foley Square
Fantasy playground
Riverside Park
Seaward Park
Theodore Roosevelt Park
Tompkins Square Park
Washington Square Park
Madison Square Park Queens
Alley Pool Park
Brookville Park
Forest Park
Rufus King Park
Clearview Park Staten Island
Bloomingdale Park
South Coast
Tappen Park
Willowbrook Park
Wolfs Bond Park Megan Moriarty (She)

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