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The promoters of the dictatorship are “investigating” the names that will remain in charge of Miss Nicaragua

The promoters of the dictatorship are “investigating” the names that will remain in charge of Miss Nicaragua

The regime of Daniel Ortega, through one of the state media, conducted a poll on Wednesday about possible candidates who could remain at the head of the Miss Nicaragua franchise, after the exile and criminal charges – fabricated by the regime – of Karen Ciliberti, the current director of the Miss Nicaragua pageant. Competition.

In the entertainment program of the official Channel 13, known as El Cotileo, four people were talked about, who were mentioned on social networks.

The first is Oscar Zelaya, modeling coach and director of Señorita Nicaragua; He is followed by Denis Davila, director of the Miss World contest in Nicaragua.

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The nominees also include Emperatriz Oroz, former director of Reina del Carnaval Alegría por la Vida, and Xiomara Blandino, director of Miss Teen Nicaragua and daughter-in-law of the dictatorial couple.

One of the presenters reminded his followers that the Miss Nicaragua franchise was previously affiliated with the Nicaraguan Tourism Institute (Intur) and was directed by Imperatriz Uroz.

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After some time, Celebrity became the director of the franchise, which recently saw Shinice Palacios win the title of Miss Universe, the most important beauty pageant in the world.

Because of his victory and the reaction of the Nicaraguan people, Daniel Ortega’s regime was harsh on Celebrity and the government. Charged with “conspiracy against the country” Between 2018 and 2023 with her husband Martin Arguello and son Bernardo Arguello Celebrity.

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The presenters stated that Celebrity supposedly retained the Miss Nicaragua privilege after “betrayal” of Imperatriz Oroz, who at the time was responsible for supervising the Nicaraguan Tourism Institute (Intour). They stated that what is happening is “karma,” justifying the accusation against them and the arrest of their families.


Celebrity had renewed his contract with Miss Universe

According to the Miss Universe pageant, calls for the national direction of each country’s beauty pageant have already been closed. “Applications for the 2024 franchise year are currently closed,” according to website.

After winning the title of Miss Nicaragua 2023, it was unofficially known that Celebrity traveled to Mexico to sign and renew the contract with the beauty organization.

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It is currently unknown what will happen to the franchise’s management, as neither Miss Nicaragua nor Miss Universe have yet commented on the matter.

According to Miss Universe, the director of each country must hold a national competition “for which a license that meets all our requirements, rules and regulations will be obtained.”