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The design of the 2024 ballot has already been determined

The design of the 2024 ballot has already been determined

The process of determining positions was carried out in the presence of parties and electoral authorities.

On Wednesday, political parties and the Supreme Electoral Court conducted a lottery to determine the locations of flags and distinctive elements of political institutions in the ballot boxes.

In the presidential election ballot, the resulting ranking would start with Fuerza Solidaria with the face of José Javier Renderos; Then the Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front, with the face of Manuel Flores; Then ARENA with the face of Joel Sanchez, Nuestro Tiempo with the face of Luis Parada, Fraternidad Patriota Salvadoreña with the face of Marina Murillo, and finally the official face of Nuevas Ideas with Nayib Bukele.

EDH video/Jessica Garcia

In the lottery for flag positions in the Legislative Assembly, the order is: ARENA, Nuevas Ideas, PDC, VAMOS, Nuestro Tiempo, Fuerza Solidaria, CD, FMLN, PCN and GANA.

EDH video/Jessica Garcia
Voting in the 2024 legislative elections.

The lottery for flag positions for municipal councils determined the following positions: ARENA, Nuevas Ideas, Nuestro Tiempo, Fuerza Solidaria, FPS, VAMOS, CD, FMLN, PCN, PDC and GANA.

Voting for the municipal council elections in 2024.

The activity comes within the framework of preparing electoral materials that will be used in the presidential elections on February 4, municipal council elections, as well as for the Central American Parliament on March 3, 2024.

This lottery comes within the framework of preparations for the electoral materials that will be used in the upcoming elections according to the following dates: elections for the presidency, vice president, and representatives in the Legislative Council, on next February 4; The election day for municipal councils and the Central American Parliament will be March 3, 2024.

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This measure is a preliminary step to begin printing about 24 million ballot cards, which will be distributed to 1,595 polling centers throughout the country.

The Election Monitoring Committee, party representatives, and the Electoral Prosecution attended the process of withdrawing positions.

Vote in the 2024 Barlasin elections.