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The President of Honduras calls for a rally on Tuesday to demand that Congress elect an Attorney General

The President of Honduras calls for a rally on Tuesday to demand that Congress elect an Attorney General

(CNN in Spanish) — Honduran President Xiomara Castro called for mobilization on Tuesday to demand that Congress elect a new Attorney General and Deputy Attorney General for the Central American country.

Mobilization “to defend the constitutional order” will begin at the presidential palace at 4:00 p.m. (Miami time).

“The National Congress is under attack. This week it was boycotted by those who do not want transparency, who oppose the fight against corruption and who want to prevent elections,” Castro said a few weeks ago.

The head of the National Party, Tomás Zambrano, said that the party that does not want to elect new authorities in the public ministry is the Castro government. He confirms that they want to intimidate them with demonstrations and that they are ready for elections, but they must be within the framework of the debate and the security of the deputies.

1,500 police officers and 500 soldiers will take part in the security operation that will protect the march, according to Honduran Security Minister Gustavo Sanchez Velazquez.

At the beginning of August, Congress received a list of five candidates for the country’s Attorney General and Deputy Attorney General, who had been selected by a nominating committee that welcomed Hayat’s daughter to more than 20 legal professionals who had applied for the positions.

The elections must be held with the approval of two-thirds of the legislators, or 86 votes.

Honduras’ current Attorney General, Oscar Chinchilla, and his deputy, Daniel Cibrian, are due to conclude their terms on September 1.

Legislative sessions have been suspended or canceled in recent weeks due to friction between the seats of the ruling Freedom and Reform Party and the opposition National Party.

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In a statement issued on Monday, the National Party expressed concern about the call “which could generate tensions and potential risks to the physical safety of MPs.” The opposition movement made an “urgent” appeal to the law enforcement forces to ensure the safety of all residents, including members of Congress.

Free Commission President Rafael Sarmiento confirmed, at the press conference on the security operation, that his party will present a proposal this Tuesday with its candidates for the posts of the Public Prosecutor’s Office.

For his part, the head of the National Party Authority, Tomas Zambrano, told CNN that they also have their own candidates and that they will present their list to the 128 deputies.

Elvin Sandoval contributed to this report