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The Postal Service Inspection Service dismissed the arrest during an operation in the municipality of Catano

The Postal Service Inspection Service dismissed the arrest during an operation in the municipality of Catano

The Research Service of US Postal Service (USPS) It has been informed today that they did not arrest anyone in connection with the operation carried out in the municipal council yesterday Did you hearThe statement contradicted the mayor’s revelations Julius Alicia VasalHe noted that “federal authorities” had arrested a city hall employee yesterday.

New day The USPS asked for more information about Friday’s operation, such as the name of the person allegedly arrested and the charges against him. However, USPS Inspection Service spokesman Hector J. Martinez clarified that they did not arrest and/or detain anyone.

“Regarding the situation that occurred yesterday (Friday) in the municipality of Caetano, The USPS Inspection Service did not make any arrests. We conduct voluntary interviews as part of ongoing investigations. As the investigation continues its progress, we will not be making any further comments at this time,” Martinez said in written statements.

“The USPS Inspection Service is committed to investigating any incident that may compromise the security of the Postal System. We are also committed to working with other agencies to stop any criminal activity involving the Mail or its products.”

Martinez’s statements differed from those given by Alicia Vassallo yesterday at a press conference at City Hall. At the time, the president said that the arrested man, whom he knew and did not identify his first and last name, was recruited by a convicted ex-mayor. Felix “El Cano” Delgado and changed from Municipality of Guanabo To Catano on January 9, 2017.

Later, at around 1:30pm, after going to the PWD area to fill up an official vehicle, he noticed the presence of the central government agents, he asserted. One of the officers recognized him and took him to the agent in charge of the operation, who said he would be arrested on federal charges. Alicia Vassallo said she saw the man being taken into custody and loaded into an official vehicle.

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New day Alicia asked Vassallo for a reaction after Martinez’s statements, and the mayor insisted that she watched as the public works employee was placed in handcuffs and they loaded him into an official vehicle. He also said that postal service agents have made a mistake.

“Since the incident yesterday afternoon, when federal agents from the US Postal Service showed up at the Municipal Department of Public Works facility to investigate the cause of the incident, we have been in contact with said authorities. Visit. As I told the media yesterday, I was very surprised by this intervention, and for this intervention I was not notified of the exact reasons or the presence of approximately a dozen federal agents,” Alicia Vassallo said in written statements.

“However, we have been informed today that a municipal employee, whom I do not recognize, or whom I do not recognize as a sign of respect, has been transported from our facilities for an interview,” the mayor asserted.

I witnessed the moment he was handcuffed and taken away in an official vehicle. However, officials told us that the employee was not a cover (subject) for the investigation and that as part of the ongoing investigations, they went to their workplace to interview someone apparently associated with his name. These procedures have nothing to do with administrative procedures as a municipal employee. They also told us that because of security protocol, agents are obliged to handcuff any citizen accompanying them in an official vehicle. As soon as his interview at the federal company’s offices ended, they informed us that the employee left the company of a family member and that they did not expect to file charges for the facts that they interviewed him,” stressed Alicia Vassallo.

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“We regret this unfortunate incident and reiterate that the employee is a measure of hard work and dedication to his people,” he stressed.

New day Tried to contact Federal Attorney for the District of Puerto Rico Calls to Gaetano to see if they could provide information about what happened Friday were not returned.