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The plane carrying the immigrants crashed in Texas

The plane carrying the immigrants crashed in Texas

(CNN Español) –
The Presidio County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement Thursday that a plane carrying undocumented immigrants crashed in Texas near the U.S.-Mexico border.

Agents received a report that a plane had crashed on the border with the Mexican city of Ojinaka, Chihuahua, just north of Texas’ Presidio Lille International Airport.

“The pilot tried to cross several migrants to Presidio by plane,” officials said in a statement. They added that there were “extra passengers” on the plane, which had a capacity of four people, but that six people were on board – and that small fuel was also the cause of the crash.

The message CNN sent to the sheriff’s office on Thursday requesting further details was not withdrawn. This Friday, an operator said he was not available to all officers who could provide information over the phone.

In the report, the sheriff’s office said some “undocumented” people were taken to El Paso hospitals, while others were detained by border patrol agents, although no further details were provided.

Customs and Border Protection (CBP), Border Patrol reports, told CNN on Thursday that they would consult with the sheriff’s office on any information related to the case.

Authorities did not say exactly where the plane may have come from, but said they were looking for the pilot – who fled the scene – for questioning.

“The Presidio County Sheriff’s Office will continue to investigate and press charges Transportation To the person or persons concerned, “the statement said.

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