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The Philippines denounced the interference of the largest Chinese Coast Guard ship in its waters

The Philippines denounced the interference of the largest Chinese Coast Guard ship in its waters

The Philippines denounced the interference of the largest Chinese Coast Guard ship in its waters (X: @ellmartt8888)

Filipino Denounced this Saturday that an important ship belonging to Chinese Coast Guard Its water entered and ran out “intervention patrol”. Authorities stated that the ship was a model CCG 5901That’s by saying, The largest in the world of this typeIt is about 165 meters long. Its displacement is 12,000 tons and is equipped Heavy machine gunsa Helipad And a barn that can accommodate Helicopters.

The maneuvers were carried out in conjunction with other model ships CCG 5203Its length is 102 meters.

The breakthrough occurred amid underlying tensions with Beijing in these waters – especially in the Mediterranean region. Scarborough Bank Or under Masinloc – which forced Manila to establish a new observation post to improve security in the region and dissuade China from escalating the exercises, after Xi Jinping ordered… Two days from Military exercises In neighboring Taiwan.

This week, after the inauguration of the president Lai Ching TThe Chinese Communist Party disavowed his speeches in Independence tone Where he called to defend democracy More than fifty warplanes and dozens of ships were mobilized around the island. These actions sought to test the military’s offensive capability, and thus persuade the Taiwanese to accept their claim to control of the territory.

China mobilized 62 warplanes and 27 ships around the island

Like Lai, President of the Philippines, Ferdinand Marcos JrHe also recently raised his voice and affirmed that he would not hesitate to defend his country against threats coming from the other side of the South Sea. “As for… Intruders who do not respect the integrity of our lands, We will vigorously defend what is ours “But our behavior will always be guided by rules and responsibility,” he said during a public event. Although he avoided explicitly referring to China, his main competitor at the moment, he added that they are in a confrontation “A blatant attack on international norms and principles” Therefore, he called his forces to work there Maintaining “peace and democracy” He assured the people, “We are ready and will be flexible to repel the threats that harm our people.”

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For years, there have been disagreements between Manila and Beijing over some areas in the region Spratly IslandsAnd among them Thomas Atholl II -or the Ayungin sandbank- and Scarborough. In 2016, Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague to fail For the benefit of the Philippines In an award for the latter’s sovereignty because it is located less than 200 miles from its island of Luzon and international law considers it within its exclusive economic zone.

Given the growing tensions with China, Ferdinand Marcos Jr. stressed that he will not hesitate to defend his country against its threats (AFP)

However, Beijing has refused to accept this and has cited historical reasons why it maintains its claim to almost complete control over the sea, where vast resources are located and which represents a key link in the global trade chain. Added to this is the hardening of Philippine politics with the arrival of Marcos Jr. to the presidency, almost two years ago, and his rapprochement with the United States.

(Information from Europe Press)