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The person who assaulted officers during the attack on the Federal Capital receives one of the most severe punishments

The person who assaulted officers during the attack on the Federal Capital receives one of the most severe punishments

Washington – The man who attacked police officers trying to control an angry mob of supporters of the then president Donald Trump In the attack on Capitol Performed on January 6th He was sentenced on Friday to more than five years in prison, the longest sentence for anyone convicted of sedition..

Robert Palmer54, cried as he said Federal Judge Tanya Sutkan Anyone who watched the video of what he did recently that day could not believe his eyes.

“Yours sincerely, I’m ashamed of what I did,” he said.

Palmer was one of several rebels convicted Friday in federal court for the District of Columbia that day when a mob attacked Capitol to intercept a certificate of election victory. Joe Biden After the Trump rally. Several police officers were attacked, five were killed and $ 1.5 million in damage was caused to the building. Palmer is the 65th defendant to be convicted. More than 700 have been prosecuted.

A college student has been sentenced to one month in prison for entering through a broken Capitol window and posting online that “disgrace is as disgraceful as fame.” 23-year-old Grace Cortwright did not hurt anyone, and her sentence reflects that fact.

But Palmer advanced to the front line during the chaos and began to attack the agents, throwing a wooden plank, spraying it with a fire extinguisher, and throwing it away when it was exhausted. I am looking for other items, lawyers said. He was sprayed with chilli by the police for a while and then attacked again with a pole. Palmer pleaded guilty to assaulting police officers.

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Palmer said in a handwritten letter to the judge that he felt betrayed by Trump and his allies who promoted conspiracy theories.

“Trump supporters were lied to by those in power at the time,” he wrote. “They continued to present the false story of ‘our duty’ to deal with stolen elections and tyranny.”

Palmer, who is being held in a Washington jail, said it was unfair that he was so severely punished when the leaders were not even in jail, prompting a review by authorities.

The judge agreed to a point. It is true that those who incited him to act intimidating were not prosecuted. It is not a court judgment. I have my opinion, but it does not apply ”.