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Mexico will ask for visas from Venezuela visitors: the official document

Mexico will ask for visas from Venezuela visitors: the official document

Mexico, which seeks visas from Venezuelan citizens, argues that, according to the official document, Mexico has recorded an influx of visitors from the country that uses the territory as an “irregular transportation destination.”

The document, published on the Internet, states that Venezuelans wishing to enter Mexico will have to apply for a visa once the provision comes into force after it is published in the Official Gazette.

“The increasing trend of illegal immigration of citizens of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela to a third country represents an increase of more than a thousand percent over the same period in the previous five years,” he added. .

According to the Interior Ministry, the country in question is the United States. Until now, Mexico has not applied for a visa for Venezuelan visitors.

In November, Reuters reported that Mexico was exploring the possibility of setting up stricter entry requirements for Venezuelans in response to US demands, following a sharp rise in the number of detainees at the border of South American citizens fleeing the crisis in their home country.

Tightening the entry rules could severely affect the immigration plans of many Venezuelans, who are paying human traffickers to help them escape further inflation, insecurity and deterioration of services.

At the end of November, Mexico announced that it would be re-applying for visas for Brazilians seeking entry into the country from mid-December, citing an increase in attempts by citizens of that country using Mexican territory to enter the United States illegally.

Over the past year, Mexico, mainly from Central America, South America and the Caribbean, has recorded record levels of immigrants crossing its borders in hopes of reaching the United States in search of the American dream.

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