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The outfit that Heidi Klum rocked again on Halloween

The outfit that Heidi Klum rocked again on Halloween

Like every year, Heidi Klum did her best to dress up as Halloween (Reuters/Mario Anzoni)

actress Heidi Klum He dazzled at his last Halloween party dressed as a peacock, a costume so complicated that it required the cooperation of multiple participants.

The 50-year-old German-American model entered the red carpet accompanied by no less than… Nine backup dancers and her husband, Tom Kaulitz, who was dressed as a peacock egg.

At the 22nd Halloween party, Heidi Klum dressed as a peacock accompanied by 9 acrobats who pretended to be the animal’s tail (Photo by Evan Agostini/Invision/AP)

Klum and the dancers, who presented a performance that included a gymnastics and dance routine, gathered to reveal the model in the foreground in the shape of a peacock’s head, while the dancers embodied the bird’s abundant tail.

Tom Kaulitz, Heidi’s husband, wears a peacock egg costume to complete the model’s stunning outfit (Photo by Evan Agostini/Invision/AP)

In statements by L T. On the red carpet, Klum expressed her desire to incorporate movement into her look this year and thought this would be the perfect way to achieve a fun and versatile look.

Klum previewed her look this year at an Amazon live event earlier in the week, where she noted that she feels pressure to outdo herself every year. In fact, the model admitted that her outfit this year is more comfortable than last year’s He was dressed as a huge worm That generated all kinds of feelings on the networks.

In 2022, Heidi Klum shocked the whole world with her description of a giant worm (Photo Evan Agostini/Invision/AP, file)

At the time of the preview event, Klum revealed she had another eight hours of prep to go, and appeared for the camera wearing a red tulle cape and intense prosthetic makeup that gave her an exotic look.

Heidi Klum confused her followers in an alien costume before her Halloween party (Credit: Instagram/Heidi Klum)

Interestingly, the model noted that her suit could walk, perhaps swim, and speak a different language. In his opinion, his costume far surpassed that of last year’s worm.

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This year is the 22nd annual Halloween Party hosted by Klum and hosted by Patrón El Alto at the Marche New York. Guests attending include: Taylor Lautner, Keegan-Michael Key, Alex Earle, and Emma Norton.

Keegan-Michael Key, Taylor Lautner and Emma Norton were among the guests at Heidi Klum’s party

“It’s epic when suddenly a GIF is created, and everyone is talking about it, and it’s on the news and people are laughing,” Klum said. T. About their Halloween costumes. She added that “planning a Halloween costume takes a lot of time” and that it can be difficult to actually try it on, given that… “Many of these things are done using prosthetics.”

Klum has been splurging on Halloween parties for years.

In 2011 “He tore off his skin” and appeared in front of his guests with all the muscles of his body exposed. Many believe that with this costume the expectations at every Halloween party are increased.

In 2011, Heidi Klum wore a skinless bodysuit

In 2018 praised b Princess Fiona from Shrek Accompanied by the most famous ghoul in cinema played by her boyfriend Tom Kaulitz. The couple also carried a stroller with stuffed animals for Shrek and Fiona’s children, making their description very faithful.

In 2019, Heidi gave birth to a partner and Fiona with her husband (AFP)

In 2017Heidi was accompanied by many zombies to give life to the monster excitement to Michael Jacksonincluding his famous college jacket.

In 2017, Heidi accompanied several zombies to give life to the monster from Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.”

in 2013, Heidi wanted to be less “extravagant” and turn into an old woman. Her attention to detail was so great that Heidi made all of her legs out of varicose veins to add more realism to her description.

In 2013, Heidi dressed up as an old woman

in 2019 What many consider to be his best costume yet has arrived. Klum has been described as a kind of alien, where his body is exposed, as are his insides and mind. He also came to define his costume as “The experiment went very wrong.”. It took a while to describe it 10 hours It was held in a place where fans could watch the process through a window.

In 2019, Heidi dressed as an “experiment gone terribly wrong” and took 10 hours of work (Noam Galai/Getty Images for Heidi Klum/AFP)