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“If they don’t want me, tell me, to stop them” – El Financiero

“If they don’t want me, tell me, to stop them” – El Financiero

The “Infierno Team” formed within it Mexico’s famous house It becomes very popular among the fans of the show soon Plan a tour To participate and thank the audience for all the support they have given, even though Wendy Guevara will not be present, Sergio Meyer confirmed.

The influencer revealed that she does not feel completely comfortable with the series of statements made by “Al Tata”, as they affectionately called him, in recent interviews, because in addition to that The actor confirmed that he has only made a friend in reality.

During an interview for the show todaythe Las Perdidas member addressed the issue and said that she cannot force others to be her friend, and in case she does not consider it as such, she would like to know how to take the necessary measures in this regard.

If you don’t want me tell meculeros, to ban them from WhatsApp,” the winner of the competition noted in the first place. Mexico’s famous house.

She later explains that although she loves everyone very much, she cannot force others to feel the same way, because they also met for a while. reality showWhere everyone competed for the prize of 4 million pesos.

I love them all, however If Meyer didn’t feel that way, I couldn’t force him.. He is the owner of his life and his decisions (…) In the end, we went to a reality show that was a game. It is not by force to be everyone’s friendHe shared, he said.

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Wendy Guevara clears up rumors about her relationship with Sergio Meyer

since it ended Mexico’s famous house It was learned that Wendy Guevara would be participating in various Televisa projects, and was seen close to the former Televisa band member. Only for women.

thanks to that, He began to speculate Sergio Mayer He has become an influencer manager She is from León, Guanajuato, which she denied and said she was only supporting her with a few things.

“All of a sudden I see him because he’s here at Televisa, he’s helping me with some of the things that pushed him up, but he’s not my manager, because they were saying he’s my manager,” he said.

What is known about the Inferno tour team?

The statements made by Sergio Maier about the Team Infierno tour, which even has a song, do not give many details about it yet, but he said that it will be led by him, Poncho de Negres, Apio Quijano, Emilio Osorio and Nicola. porcilla.

In the case of Wendy Guevara. She was only going to go on some dates For his multiple work commitments which includes projects with the TV station.

“It’s a thank you tour for being so close to all this amazing fans who have always given us their support. It’s the least we can do to return the love, and thank you very much, we’ll see you soon,” he said in a conversation with Maxine Woodside.