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Lucero Megares has a shield against everything negative

Lucero Megares has a shield against everything negative

Lucero Mijares

MEXICO CITY, AUGUST 25 (EL UNIVERSAL).- Lucero Mijares realizes that his decision to continue the “El Mago (The Wiz)” season even with a broken foot has brought him appreciation among his teammates and the public, but also criticism on social media, where they have questioned In her performance in her first appearance as an actress in the musical, she maintained that these comments did not affect her.

“My parents (Lucero and Manuel Mijares) taught me this part of avoiding bad comments or criticism, I could not have had a better person to teach me, although these are other times and there is the so-called crystal generation, in there they are young people,” Lucero said. They accept anything, I was educated like the previous generation and I feel lucky because I have a shield against everything negative.”

His co-star Oscar Acosta, who gives life to the tin man in this play, commented that Lucero gave them a great lesson with this situation, because the negative comments literally slipped out of her, because she believes in herself and that’s what makes her so. A native.

Director Ricardo Diaz indicated that only 10 minutes after presenting the first show on July 9, Lucero was hurt while descending the stairs leading to the dressing rooms, and he had to tell her that the decision to present the show was in her hands, to which Lucero replied that he would give it no matter what. He asked for help getting up and bandaging his foot, then asked if it didn’t hurt.

The director said: “She answered me so much, but she would cry a little and that’s it. I don’t know who taught her these horrors, but I congratulate her.”

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Producer Juan Torres commented that the season could have ended without even starting, because this montage was planned for the launch of Lucero Mijares’ career and without her there would have been no show, but thanks to her commitment today they are halfway through, meaning that there are only four weeks left (until October 15).

“What happened to us wasn’t a pretty thing, it was something we didn’t even have in all the years of our career, more than Lucero; we didn’t see it. Thank God he didn’t go any further, Lucero showed courage, if he It hurts, they only found out at home because he didn’t show it here, and that’s why he should get the premiere he deserves.”

Torres explained that the second premiere will take place on Monday, August 28, in which singers Lucero and Mijares will be guests, as well as other personalities who will walk the red carpet before the show.

This is the second phase of this work, which tells the story of Dorothy (Lucero Mijares), a girl from Kansas who is swept into a magical land by a hurricane, where she is accompanied by a tin man (Oscar Acosta), a scarecrow (Juan Fonsalido) and a lion (Federico di Lorenzo), from In order to find the magician (Eugenio Montessoro) who will grant their wishes; It will run until October 15th at the Hidalgo Theatre.

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