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Estefania Soto joins Jay Fonseca on his new show Cuarto Poder |  The stage

Estefania Soto joins Jay Fonseca on his new show Cuarto Poder | The stage

Estefanía Soto, Miss Puerto Rico (MUPR) 2020, will be part of the Cuarto Poder, Wapa TV investigative program, led by Jay Fonseca, who will face him to lead Tuesday’s schedule, at 10:00 p.m., to his old space, Rayos X, on Telemundo.

“It is an opportunity that will allow me to reconnect and rearrange my academic and professional priorities, and it will serve as a school to develop my skills in the world of communication,” Soto said at a press conference.

The production will compete directly with Rayos X, a lawyer-led program for the past five years on Telemundo.

“We will celebrate as leaders of Al Jazeera’s investigative journalism…At that time we were leaders for five years,” the analyst stressed.

The fourth estate also consists of Milli Mendes, Hermes Ayala, Ambar Suarez Cobelli, Laura Isabel Gonzalez, Tatiana Velez, and Soto.

Estefania has an interdisciplinary MA with a focus in sociology, cultural anthropology, and gender perspective. He worked for the International Organization Eurocities in Brussels, the French Embassy in Washington, DC, and the European Patent Organization in The Hague. He will be crowned his successor at MUPR on September 30.

The Noticentro team will provide a weekly investigative report.

The fourth force added to the data is the data released by Fonseca last Monday at 3:20 p.m.

With the new production, Wapa is adding 76 hours of weekly local programming, it is reported.

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