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Ferdinando Valencia blows up against Jesus Ochoa

Ferdinando Valencia blows up against Jesus Ochoa

In front of the ‘Hoy’ cameras Ferdinando Valencia Share that the National Association of Actors (You are(I have already notified you that it is covering I owe Millionaire still in hospital, where his son Dante (RIP) was treated a year and a half ago.

However, the actor once again blew up against ANDA, believing things were not transparent.

“I don’t have contracts or deposits or anything to know and I struggle a lot because even in the hospital they don’t talk to me to say that you still have disagreements, but make it clear, this is my right to know how much.”

In addition, the sinister series stressed that it is not looking for anything that is given to it, as it is only claiming its rights.

“I am not looking for anything to be donated, because so far the only thing given is my contributions, and I am looking for my rights. These are neither from the top nor the bottom, they are fair. I am looking for the right thing to do.”

He finally asked Jesus Ochoa To stop talking behind his back, because he was always looking for him and never answered his calls.

“Say I am a speaker, that I am lying, say it in front of me, do not answer my calls, do things transparently, hand over documents.”

Ferdinando Valencia demands a response from Anda

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