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Pictures of Jennifer Lopez spread inside a car in full discussion and crying with Alex Rodriguez

It seems like Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez’s love couldn’t handle the rumors.

Photo: Alex Wong. / Getty Images

the program Tell me what you know Information sharing, apparently portraits Jennifer Lopez Inside a car row with Alex Rodriguez. As they argued, the singer was crying and collapsed. But beware, the pictures, as they reveal, are not from this year, but from January 2020. They commented that through JLo’s expressions in the photo we can see that she is very sad and upset with who at that time was still her fiancé.

This information made others confuse the past with the present of the relationship, because there are those who believe that the pictures are recent, and that this meeting may be evidence of the interest that the former player should bring back the singer. If Alex Rodriguez’s interest in getting Jennifer Lopez back is true, these photos do not reflect that attitude because they are out of date.

On Suelta La Sopa’s Instagram account, they wrote: “Jennifer Lopez was seen collapsing and elbowing hard in front of A-Rod.” The audience who has read the comment and watched the video can only respond and comment on the following: “What a sad life for the“ fame ”! Expressing grief for disappointment in love becomes news. All people have the right to live these processes calmly and respectfully.

It should be noted that not everyone believes this information and asks it with messages like these: “Let’s call the soup abandoning inventions now.”

While others focus on the fact that it just makes sense for Jennifer Lopez to cry. It is clear that she is going through a difficult time after the separation: “He is a clear person who feels !!! The separation always hurts” Once again they are confused and think the photo is from this year, but no.

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Here are the photos and comments from the members of the Suelta La Sopa Committee. It should be noted that Vanessa Claudio notes that at the time of the photo shoot, A-Rod was constantly accused of multiple alleged betrayals towards JLo.

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