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Thomas Gaurus, General Garnica, Lord of the Skies, was intubated


Thomas Gaurus, a representative of The Lord of the Skies, has been intubated after being complicated by COVID

The Coronavirus continues on its way It is deadly around the world, despite attempts by health authorities and governments around the world to stop it.

And this time in the long run Famous list Who have suffered badly from the COVID-19 attacks, join actor Tomás Goro, recognized for giving life to General Antonio Garnica in the hit series El Señor de los Cielos, on Telemundo.

The 62-year-old actor was transferred to the emergency room in a hospital in the Mexican capital, after he was infected with the Corona virus, and after suffering serious complications to his health, it was necessary to intubate, a stage in which he is currently fighting for his life.

VideoVideo related to Thomas Gaurus, the actor of “The Lord of the Heavens”, intubated after a Covid infection2021-04-27T09: 47: 21-04: 00

The news was reported by the program From the TV the sun shinesWhere it was reported that the Mexican star was admitted to a health center in the Roma neighborhood, in the Aztec capital, where it was reported that the actor’s family chose not to make public comments about the actor’s condition.

Thomas Jaurus Intubated due to COVID-19! | Sunrise# TomásGoros intubated due to COVID-19! We wish him a speedy recovery in this battle against the virus. # PájarosEnElAlambre Don’t miss every day the sun rises at 9 AM on Imagen Televisión. Also visit our page imagentv.com or on Sale el Sol Facebook: bit.ly/2mJSv1f Twitter: bit.ly/2q0z1H0 or in our networks …2021-04-23T14: 48: 11Z

The hosts of the aforementioned TV show sent their best wishes to Thomas Gurrus for a sooner recovery, and indicated that it is urgent not to lower our warning about the virus that has killed more than 3,100,000 people around the world.

Lt. Col. Gustavo Adolfo Infante commented, “God wants me to free her, God wants her to recover.” “Finally, you do not know how this damned insect can infect you, because there are very healthy people who kill them and there are people who do not even realize that they are infected with it.”

The actor, in addition to being a well-known face in The Lord of the Skies, has also featured in other well-known successful productions such as What We Quiet Women and Ravens Club.
COVID surprised Gurus a few days ago, and was very happy with the registration of a new project.

On April 1st only, the actor shared a message on his Instagram account, in which he appeared smiling, alongside several of his colleagues, and added the message: “With part of the crew of this comedy that was filmed in the beautiful outlet ⚓ of Veracruz .. Thank you! “.

Encouraging comments from Goros’ loyal fans did not await, and since the news of his hospitalization and transfer to the ICU for intubation, there have been dozens of messages in which his followers demand a speedy recovery.

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