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Carlos Vitia is asking to be removed from the list of candidates for the Sovereign Awards

Carlos Vitia is asking to be removed from the list of candidates for the Sovereign Awards

After knowing the list of nominees for the Soberano Awards, an award organized by the Art Chroniclers (Acroarte) association, the dance teacher and director of the Dominican Ballet for Concert, Carlos Vettia, called the organization by removing his name from the “choreographer” category. the year”.

Through his Instagram account, the seasoned choreographer denounced that he did not know why he was listed as a candidate alongside Alina Abreu, Pablo Pérez and Cindy Sosa, and complained about the lack of interest in the fine arts in the country and called for the creation of cultural initiatives.

“Please take out my nomination because I don’t know why: I was nominated for something I don’t know what it is. Thank you for my thinking but I think classics should get awards of another kind,” he denounced on Instagram, lamenting that there were no critics coming to see the posts. On their initiative. “The country no longer has an interest in fine arts when it comes to mixing it up on televised time with the audience, and there are no“ critics ”who go to performances on their own initiative. I don’t want my position to be misinterpreted, it is always known that they remember that we exist, but when there is a lack of interest in genre Which one belongs to, it is better to advocate the creation of cultured initiatives, ”commented the director of the Dominicano Palais Concerto.

Carlos Veitía appears in the “Choreographer of the Year” category for the Bailemos show, in which Cindy Sosa was also nominated for the same stage. Pablo Perez was also nominated for The Laundresses and Alina Abreu for Aladino.

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Yesterday, the Art Chroniclers Association unveiled its list of nominees for the Sovereign Awards, an award that has yet to be scheduled to celebrate. In this installment, works completed by artists in 2019 and 2020 will be awarded due to gallery closures due to COVID-19.