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New York launches -an-hour job |  requirements

New York launches $21-an-hour job | requirements

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Want to move to the Big Apple? there I work in New Yorka Job offer He offers a wage of $21 an hour. The company that launched Job openings in New York Look for someone who is able to travel and speaks Spanish; No experience is needed. Are you interested in applying? If so, check the other requirements and functions the candidate must perform for the position.

Cleaning Pass is looking for a person, who can be a man or a woman, to fill the vacancy of a house cleaner, for which they are paying a salary of $21 an hour; The recruiter indicates that a contract is offered, as well as the possibility of part-time work.

This offer from I work in New York It was posted 2 days ago and has no deadline, so you can apply without any problem. All you have to do is fill out the form asking for your full name, phone number and email. For the rest you should know that this Job openings in New York It requires that the person be responsible for cleaning the indicated houses.

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On the other hand, he points out, candidates must be reliable, know how to travel in New York City, have the ability to use a smartphone and, above all, have a good disposition and attitude. To be considered, you will need to go through a recruitment process where you complete 3 clean shadowing cleanups and complete our online cleaning course. Find out about the rest of the requirements and jobs!

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Work in New York: Duties and requirements for the vacancy, with a salary of $21 an hour

the Job offer As a house cleaner, you have the following requirements: First, work in the New York area, specifically in Queens and Brooklyn; You must be fluent in Spanish and be available to move around the area in which you will be working, which is why they require that you know New York City well so that you can travel without a problem.

The company indicates that the only job where the candidate has great skill in cleanliness, order and organization; Enjoy performing these tasks and know how to work quickly and in a team (when required). In the vacancy, a link is shared, which is a form that you must fill out, so that a member of the HR team can contact you later.

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In this connection You can find the form and here Apply for Job openings in New York. If you are interested in this job offer in the US, which pays $21 an hour, now is the time to submit your information and apply as soon as possible. Remember that for this job in New York, previous experience is not essential, so use this point to your advantage. Much success!