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The New York Times asked Joe Biden to resign from his candidacy

The New York Times asked Joe Biden to resign from his candidacy

In an editorial Published by the media’s editorial boardBiden, 81, is described as “Shadow of a Great Public Servant” It is argued that the recent televised confrontation between the President and Trump showed that The president “failed his own test.”

Following this line, the article says, the “greatest public service” Biden can provide now is to announce his withdrawal from the race.

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Corresponding June 28 publication of The New York Times in Spanish.


This demand arises in spite of Biden says he’s fully qualified To continue in office. His performance in the debate was overshadowed by the Democratic leader’s hesitant tone when addressing certain topics, blank spaces and unfinished sentences, and other issues.

“The man he was four years ago is no more” The Times pointed out, in a critical tone, that the White House leader had failed during the debate to “convince the American public that he was amenable to forceful demands.”

His development in the debate also created alarm among Democrats. Since then, party leaders have avoided making public statements on the matter and preferred to have private conversations.

Although a new Biden candidacy is not considered appropriate, The times He hailed his administration as president as “admirable”. In these past few years: “Under his leadership, the nation has prospered and begun to face a series of long-term challenges, as well as wounds opened by Trump, which thanks to him have begun to heal,” the newspaper wrote. .

Biden acknowledges his poor performance in the debate but vows to defeat Trump

After the debate, President Joe Biden confirmed his preference Defeated Republican challenger Donald Trump After the ADMK shows no sign of dropping the race in November’s presidential election. An uneven performance that worried his fellow Democrats.

“I know I’m not a young man, frankly,” Biden said at a campaign event a day after meeting his Republican rival face-to-face. “I don’t walk or talk as fluently as I used to, but I know how to tell the truth,” he defended himself. Current President.

At the same time, underscoring the importance of the election, he pledged not to run unless he believed “with all his heart and soul” that he could fulfill the demands of the position.

For his part, Trump argued that he did not believe Biden would drop out of the race “Doing better in the polls than any other Democrat.”

When he assumed his duties as President, He continues his campaign with the help of his wife, Jill Biden, who is actively involved in his re-election bid. Despite the backlash in the debate, Team Biden Expect the negative impact to subside by NovemberFocuses on Trump’s “lies” and concern for democracy.