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The new MIR R0 course that aspires to be organized throughout Spain

The new MIR R0 course that aspires to be organized throughout Spain

he “Transition” from the medical profession to specialized health training FSE seeks to shorten the distances between students. The increase in practical weight both in the race and thus in MIR exam evaluation It is part of the major challenges for both students and medical deans. As the “Union Bridge”, a figure intended to recall the MIR residence appears from within the degree “R0” who since sixth grade has sought to develop a more “active” role. In the future, the practical weight of the MIR could increase.

This is how he explains it Gonzalo Baquero, medical and health communication student. The President of the State Council of Medical Students (CEEM) also states that, as a personal opinion, the R0 figure “should be included in the overall calculation of the degree grade” and also within The percentage of the score that is calculated on the Internal Medicine Resident ExamThe weight and weight of the MIR score are increased when entering the overall calculation of the race as is Equivalent to the sixth year, but with a practical grade of 100%..

“It might be interesting to increase the weight of the score given to this practical assessment, since thenl MIR score is only 10 percent And 90% of the MIR is overestimated. In the field of medicine, the weight of practical training will be greater than theoretical training, because medicine is not a four-choice exam type,” says the head of CEEM as well.

For their part, the deans confirm that this R0 number “already exists” in many colleges that fully implement it in the sixth grade, and even among colleges. National Conference of Deans of MedicineThey call them that. However, they agreed that assessment of practices “should have increasing value in degree assessment”. “We consider that weight The academic record at MIR must be higher“Including evaluation of practices,” he explains Pablo LaraChairman of the Conference of this newspaper.

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R0 “French style” for medical students

the The structure of this R0In Baquero's view it should be given on the 6th and The second semester of the fifth grade is “entirely practical.”, so we have to move forward for a whole year “until we are in the sixth grade R0.” Moreover, he realizes that it would be appropriate for that to be the case Paid in a “nominal” way. With a range of €180-€200 for a more active role and for students to “take the training seriously”: “The fact that they get paid is something more important than it seems,” he says.

“In France, final-year medical students work as R0 and have their own quota of patients.”

Baquero confirms that this number It already exists in other countries such as France, where they act as R0 students. “There are students from last year who have their own quota of patients and are paid,” he admits. This practical form should perform more general tasks such as making Electrocardiogram, Sick history Or doing explorations, which is always supervised, “but that doesn't mean an R0 sixth-grader can't help.”

the Organization Medical Collective (OMC) He believes that this proposal to consider R0 “should be evaluated” and developed in depth Medical Professions Forum “To put forward a proposal for improvement in coordination with everyone at the table.” This is the way he considers it Maria Isabel MoyaVice-President of the World Trade Organization: “We agree on a proposal to improve the quality of training, organization and planning of internships to a degree that responds to work and care needs, but it is necessary to do so.” Without prejudice to the requirements of practicing the profession He adds: “In the European environment and without endangering patient safety.”

Improvements to the medical degree

For Lara, R0 is nothing far from realitySince the final year in many faculties is completely practical, with a full rotation of 54 credits, although it is not mandatory for this to be the case, it is an approach that the deans take into account. “R0 are students and will remain so until they complete their degree, we must ensure that Their participation in care activities is as great as possible. But this must be done taking into account higher standards such as patient safety, without forgetting that the R1, in general, during the 4-5 years of residency, are subject to supervision and must maintain those guarantees that relate to patient safety.” . . .

According to the World Trade Organization, the training curriculum program “must respond to requirements Changes taking place in medical and health organizations Currently with Digital transformation as a driver“Therefore “the need arises” to restructure the content, both theoretical and practical, so that graduates acquire the necessary skills so that the transition to specialized training and work environment “passes almost unnoticed.” “It is very important Enhancing this methodological program with humanitarian topics Such as ethics and etiquette, patient communication, the doctor-patient relationship and others such as health management or health economics.”

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