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Bankinter is celebrating the fifth anniversary of its health and wellbeing programme

Bankinter is celebrating the fifth anniversary of its health and wellbeing programme

These days, Bannenter who is he to celebrate: is fulfilled 5 years since the launch of your health and wellness program “Bankinter takes care of you.” Five years of commitment to people's well-being, working on healthy lifestyle habits unites them around a global program they are extremely proud of.

For this reason Ana Garcia Orden, Director of Internal CommunicationsCreative and strong advocate “Bankinter takes care of you”He wanted to celebrate these five years with a video and thank all the people who work at Bankinter for their participation in the programme, and highlight the achievements achieved during this long journey together.

After the first launch five years ago, employee concerns began to be actively listened to, highlighting the need to be more communicative. For this reason, it was decided to move forward with the digitization of the program through the application United Champions: A platform based on teamwork to promote cohesion and with collective challenges to work together on projects with social and environmental impact.

Digitization has also made it possible to make “Bankinter cares about you” not only a national programme, but also to cross borders and become a global program of the Bankinter Group through which challenges can be jointly realized in Spain together with EVO Banco, in Portugal, in Ireland and Luxembourg.

Currently, Bankinter is taking care of you Five pillars representing the five main dimensions of well-being: Physical well-being, social well-being, emotional well-being, intellectual well-being, and economic well-being.

During 2024, the program wants to focus its main attention on:

  • How to eat a healthy diet as a source of energy
  • Road safety is an essential element for many employees who use cars or motorcycles for daily transportation
  • Sleep hygiene as a guarantee of health.
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And this is how they will continue Initiative development To ensure these goals and others that will arise along the way are reached: Identify and respond to needs.

Five years ago, the team responsible for the program asked employees about well-being: what they understood from well-being, how they took care of themselves, what habits they had introduced into their lives or what habits they were missing, and what barriers they faced? They were faced with when it came to improving those habits and if they thought Bankinter could support them and help them move forward. They were asked Opinion on the implementation of the wellness program in the bank Their testimonies were recorded in the launch video that was broadcast at the time. Five years later, the Bankinter team is looking after you, confident and sure of the good work of the program, and has seen fit to ask these same employees again about the credit of these years and the notable achievements. The result far exceeds expectations.

he video From the fifth anniversary reveals through Simple and honest testimonials One of the real heroes of the program is how, on the one hand, the goal of incorporating new healthy habits into their lives was achieved, and on the other hand, it had a tremendous impact on building the team and the company through the challenges that they worked on together, people from different headquarters, cities, and even different countries, people without knowing each other. Some have combined their efforts to achieve significant milestones, strengthening the emotional bond that unites them with Bankinter and its values ​​and making their commitment to the company's purpose even stronger.

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Don't miss what Bankinter employees tell us about wellbeing in this video and feel free to give them your congratulations:

Congratulations, Bankinter is taking care of you! Let's go for another five years!