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Few women devote their lives to science

Few women devote their lives to science

Carla Padilla/El Vigia
[email protected] | Ensenada, BC

Between 30 and 40 percent of Mexican women are professionals, and only three in ten of them are dedicated to science, says Carolina Bohrquez Martinez, a postdoctoral student at UNAM's Center for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (CNYN).
During the lecture “The Art of Being a Scientist” given to members of the cultural group by 20 women, he highlighted that the previous numbers decrease as the categories of the National System of Scholars (SNI) in Conahsett increase.
In this sense, he explained that efforts are already being made to reverse these statistics, as the proportion of women enrolling in a degree in exact sciences in Mexico has now increased, and gender parity is being reached in some branches, such as physics. .
The scientist also shared with the twenty women how art relates to science, especially lithography, which is an engraving technique used by visual artists and scientists in various research.
“Combining art and science is something that has always been in me, and now what I want to do is to be able to teach engraving techniques to the Ensenada community, because in Oaxaca there are many workshops, but here in Ensenada I think it is still there,” he explained. “Much more needs to be done to strengthen that Mexican identity.”
For example, he mentioned the traditional catarina that characterizes and represents the Day of the Dead, as few associate it with this engraving technique that was an element of cultural promotion and Mexican identity and a means of communication, transmitted through printed letters.
Bohrquez Martinez noted that he works on awareness projects through lithography, an artistic technique used in both science and art, where he will give a lecture on Saturday at Café Amargo at 3:30 p.m., and entry is free.

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He stated that he would discuss how to combine the two branches of this technology and some of the challenges facing its implementation, because it requires significant cleaning, as any mistake made will be noticeable.
“I love communicating with girls, women, businesswomen, and scientists who are interested in science. “We have to learn that science, like any other profession, is not done by strangers, and not by people locked in their laboratories, but by people who love art, love sports, and want to contribute to society.” , he concluded.