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Women in science are making progress, despite the gender gap: researchers – El Sol de San Luis

Women in science are making progress, despite the gender gap: researchers – El Sol de San Luis

Stigma, inequality and lack of opportunities are what women face That evolves In the hard and social sciencesBecause the gender gap still exists in these academic fields.

This was stated by academics and doctors María Cristina Moctezuma Balderas, María Laura Serrano Santos, Andrea Rodríguez López and Diana Cecilia López Ugalde, who gave a lecture entitled “Between the desire to be researchers and the fragility of academic work: Female postdoctoral experiences“, a conversation supported by Colegio de San Luis AC

And who also agreed to that Excessive work, activities and tasks are an obstacle to women's full development in the field of research.As they are often subject to roles imposed on them by society.

In this sense they also confirmed it The world of academia required a three-pronged effortthen compensate Activities of your daily life, with study area The work they work in not only forces them to rethink their era, but on many occasions It forces them to choose between their personal and professional lives.

On the other hand, in this context, researchers emphasized that, unlike other times, Today, women in academia have slowly been able to develop fully Thanks to their ancestors, they have traveled a path full of opportunities.

With this, knowing that they can fully develop in the field of science which, despite its challenges, exists today Planning to become a scientist or study a postgraduate degree also requires certain sacrifices.Who, as individuals, knew how to integrate into and excel in their fields of study.

Those who emphasized that the context of their lives, The opportunities they were given and the desire to change the world motivated them to be who they are today..

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I was a young girl belonging to a rural community in San Luis Potosi And so I wanted to know other worlds and other forms of life, other forms of existence, and In anthropology, I can find this way to do itTo get closer to those other facts, over the years I have studied the degree of… I decided to pursue further graduate studies because I wanted to change the world and today I am a researcher“, commented the doctor Moctezuma balderas.

Committee members also They agreed that their life experiences led them to propose changing their daily lives and taking on the skills they had built through the academy.It is an effort that many of them still find difficult to name, as it has become normal for women not to acknowledge their achievements.

“I think that The key is to motivate the younger generations, telling girls that they can become scientists and researchers and that they can develop in the world of academia.A, that they have a lot to offer and do and that all of this is possible. Let them know that it is good to continue studying and researching,” commented Rodriguez Lopez.

Finally, they emphasized that despite this, Conditions within the field of research are not the same for men and women, as today in science there is also an attempt to break the so-called “glass ceiling”, and female scientists are working and fighting to change these inequalities. There are much greater opportunities for them.