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Science Park workers regret that “terrible management” caused the firing of 15 employees

The Birds of Prey workshop at the Science Park has been cancelled, as has the Butterfly Garden and all guided visits to the Biodome. The reason is not maintenance and installation of new content, as the park displays on its website. The real reason is that organizational nonsense, negligence and mistakes, have led to the Park taking And the Junta de Andalucía decided to suspend the activity of this service for a period of at least four months and to dismiss the entire staff that implements it, a total of 15 workers, with only four days’ notice, “the workers denounced in a statement.

This leads, the workers noted, to “a lack of protection for birds of prey, aquariums and terrariums; the closure of the Butterfly Garden and the discontinuation of guided tours of the Biodome”. Faced with this problem, the staff points out that the Science Park provides only “minimal animal care services, which are left with minimal maintenance for a few hours a day – this of course does not include their training rides which endanger the health of these animals-“. They also ensure that there is an “almost complete abandonment of the care of all the Museum’s aquariums and terrariums, except those within the Biodome, which are operated by another company, with only an hour and a half allotted every two days, which does not allow even full supervision of all of them, much less their cleaning.” and proper maintenance.

The workers also indicated in the statement that there had been “a complete closure of the butterfly farm, as all air-conditioning devices were immediately turned off, leaving butterflies, carps and turtles to their fate, as they did not have the necessary temperature for their survival.”

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The staff added that interest in groups already contracted for guided visits to the Biodome during this period is “scarce and generalized” and that they are denied “already contracted individual attention service”.

“This leaves the people of Granada, Andalusia, and visitors from elsewhere without some of the widely accepted park offerings that many people and families in this city love. And this situation can continue for at least four months, because if the resources are filed against the tender documents, this The period of time could be much longer. Lack of management and foresight, which is not related to technical reasons or related to maintenance, causes serious harm to workers and animals that depend on them,” he noted in the statement.

The workers emphasized that there was “no further dialogue and choice on the part of the Science Park”. “The hasty decision was to leave almost all the workers on the street without prior notice, without a solution when the contest was resolved and the service reactivated. This facility or this workshop was never closed, only in case of an epidemic, where the maintenance of birds of prey and other animals, and the affected workers were able to of ERTE to recover all their working conditions at the end of the said period.”

“This situation is unprecedented. Not even with the park expansion works, as many people from Granada and Andalusia will remember the cranes, fences, concrete mixers and birds flying in the workshops. During these 20 years, proper technical maintenance was carried out, indicating that this activity was carried out without affecting On this activity and on the birds and the service has in no way become vacant without a winning company.

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“The Birds of Prey Workshop has not only provided good entertainment to all visitors from inside and outside Granada and Andalusia, but for twenty years it has had a calling to educate and raise awareness about the problems afflicting these species, many of which were threatened. It was and we hope remains a place where you can have fun and learning and collaborating in the conservation of these birds, which are essential and very important for biodiversity.A place through which thousands of schoolchildren have passed during these 20 years, awakening, in many of them, interest in nature, science, knowledge and perception of the natural world.These workshops are offered with the main aim of making People see the essential role of these birds and all of biodiversity as a key pillar in nature conservation and survival in an environment of which we are all a part,” the workers noted.

“All this will disappear for an indefinite period of time, just as it will mean a colossal loss of all these jobs. These families will find themselves on the streets, without ensuring the continuity of this service, to which they have devoted so much time, training, affection and devotion,” they deplored.

For this reason, if this situation is not resolved, the workers indicated that they would take “judicial measures to respect and defend their rights.”

“With this decision, in addition, the Council contributes to the loss of quality and prestige of a museum that was a national and international standard and a symbol of Andalusia and the city of Granada. A museum committed to culture, scientific publication and environmental awareness. Values ​​that have also managed to create wealth for this city and this autonomous community. Laid-off workers lose out, birds Losing prey and environment, losing culture and education, Granada and Andalusia, ”they also pointed out in the statement.

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