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The NBA makes history with landing Che Flores, the first trans and non-binary referee

The NBA makes history with landing Che Flores, the first trans and non-binary referee

Sports, as well as society, have demonstrated in recent years a change in gender policies. the NBAFor example, he has just broken a barrier and led an event that will likely go down in history: Che Flores It will be the first Non-binary governance One of the most demanding basketball league on the planet.

To put the outdated ones into context, it is first necessary to point out what the term refers to. “Non-binary” people are those who do not necessarily identify with either the male or female gender. They can fluctuate in their gender, or both, or neither. The fan is impressive.

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It also requires an asterisk for the pronoun used by these people. Although in some parts of the world they prefer to classify it with a neutral word (elle), in other countries they make the decision not to distort the language too much. Therefore, they are asked which option they prefer, given that it is a very personal decision and is variable, given that it is neither unique nor fixed.

We’re talking about Che Flores“Use the pronoun”they“The only thing I was missing was that no one knew how I identified. Being confused with her was always a little sting in the stomach. Now I can travel the world and even work more comfortably.” GQHe confirmed information related to his professional career.

What is about to start will be its second season in NBAThe previous season he managed 35 matches. In 21-22 he participated in 12 more matches as a non-staff official. Some NBA executives wouldn’t be surprised by his statement, considering they already knew how he identified himself for months. Many referees found out when it was revealed in preseason meetings last month.

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Extensive experience in arbitration

Flores has extensive refereeing experience, having officiated matches for nearly a decade in Dori JIn the WNBAreaching the point of refereeing matches in the finals of each NCAA Women’s.

“I’m just thinking about getting younger kids to look at someone on a high-profile stage and not use it. I’m not using the NBA to get an advantage in any way. This is just to let young people know that we can exist.” “We can be successful in every way,” he says.