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The National Prize for Exact Sciences will deliver a lecture on understanding the universe

The 2021 National Exact Sciences Prize, Monica Rubio Lopez, will deliver a keynote lecture titled “The Challenge of Understanding the Universe”, as part of the first in-person 2022 Academic Advising Activity for the Central University District of Coquimbo, which will take place next Friday 14 January at 11 am.

Dr. Monica Rubio holds a Ph.D. in Astrophysics and Space Sciences from the University of Paris – France. It has a proven track record that is nationally and internationally recognized. She is an expert in millimeter radio astronomy on star formation and the study of molecular regions. She has authored 150 publications in international journals, including NATURE, which published her discovery regarding the formation of new stars from dwarf galaxies.

She has participated in various guides at the international observatories of ALMA, GEMINI and APEX, and has served as President and CEO of the Chilean Astronomy Society (SOCHIAS), among other positions of great importance. She is currently chair of the Interstellar Interstellar Cosmos Department of the International Astronomical Union.

The meeting will take place in the Gonzalo Hernández Uribe Room of the Regional Headquarters, located at Avenida Francisco de Aguirre 0405. Those interested in attending can register at: http://bit.ly/charlamonicarubio

And for any questions or concerns, write to [email protected]

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