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The lesson that Anil Norina gave when she took off a wig on "Hoy"

The lesson that Anil Norina gave when she took off a wig on “Hoy”

Actress and former model Anwar NorinaFormer Partner of Legendary Jose JoseHe surprised everyone – and gave a lesson in self-love – by taking off his full wig in the broadcast of the program. Today (Televisa).

While chatting with drivers Marisol Gonzalez s Andrea Escalona’s photo“Dears, we can get up like this, or stay like this,” Nourania told the female audience, before taking off the wig she was wearing. The presenters in turn praised this gesture and studied it in beauty.

Sharing the video on her official Instagram account, the actress wrote: “Life teaches you to love yourself as you are! Woman, don’t forget that you deserve so much and you should give that value to every minute, okay.”

During the program, Noreña, mother of José Joel and Marysol Sosa, spoke about physical appearance and self-esteem.

Many comments were praising that his followers had left him for his position. “You are always gorgeous Anil, I have always believed that beauty attracts but a beautiful personality captivates”, “A lady who will always be admired and remembered as the woman who has faced all the challenges life has set. Your life has been an example of love and respect for you. Blessings”, “Beautiful lady, you are Queen, you always look great,” some followers wrote to her.

The actress has always been someone who doesn’t care much about what other people say. At the age of 76, he appeared in a television competition The stars are dancing Show She looks great in a bathing suit.

Noreña in her youth was also a winner of Miss Los Angeles and Miss Mexico. The world of modeling paved the way for film and television. in his book dormant volcano, ex Jose Jose has revealed the private life of her ex-husband, who has been steeped in alcoholism for years. However, announced in 2018 Televisa Offers He still loves the now-disappeared Prince of Song.

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