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The journalist who promoted the official version of the protests in Caimanera wants to leave Cuba

The journalist who promoted the official version of the protests in Caimanera wants to leave Cuba

He Cuban journalistMiguel Reyes Mendoza promoted the official version that day Protest in Kaimanera He was denounced for “hypocrisy” and “double standards,” according to conversations with colleague Ernesto Morales, who spent months trying to figure out how to leave Cuba for the United States. CubitaNow.

“Miguel Reyes, Cuban TV journalist, wants to escape from Cuba while disparaging the Caimanera opposition. Here’s your news with me”, he pointed out directly this Monday. Facebook Morales showed conversations he had with a Guantanamo correspondent for TV news services on the island.

Reyes Mendoza is the spokesperson on his Facebook page, known as Miguel Noticias, which is the regime’s official version of the start of the struggle in Caimanera.

“We have learned from official sources and officials from Kaimanera territory Three people who drank alcohol “In the municipality Cubans began to demonstrate against the government, and then others joined them and openly expressed their displeasure,” the journalist said on Facebook. Miguel Reyes MendozaMiguel is known as Noticias at Guantanamo.

Morales showed this Monday that, in addition to conversations with Reyes Mendoza about his interest in going to America, he edited the original post and later the official version of the “three drunkards” in protests. That city is Guantanamo.

“But I’m going to defend the righteous, I’m going to defend those I think I should defend, and I’m going to tell you how much contempt you inspire in me, how hypocritical and opportunistic you are, and they know why. I say this for coming here because Miguel Reyes Mendoza is crazy enough to leave for America. , because Miguel Reyes Mendoza has been advising me for months on how to come to the United States,” Morales denounced in his direct message.

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He clarified that he was not Reyes Mendoza’s friend, but had been his classmate for five years at the University of Santiago de Cuba, where they both studied journalism.

Morales commented that the Guantanamo journalist was very “sweet” and “noble” during that student phase, but now he’s debating how to get to the United States while disparaging the Caimanera protesters.

The official version of the beginning of the protests made a joke, Not only against the reporter, but against the Miguel Díaz-Canel regime, for wanting to falsify reality. And trying to hide the public’s rejection of the misguided economic policies his government is taking.

“The three drunkards have taken all the clarias out of the cave. I would love to try Kaimanera Rum!“, said one user on Twitter. Dozens of similar comments mock the government’s official version of the protest, showing that the regime’s discourse is increasingly unacceptable and unreliable.

There were even those who warned Díaz-Canel to pay attention to his ministers because “Bruno, Marrero and Salvador They are drunk and talking shit in front of the capitol. I tell you not to build a caimanera here in Havana.”

After the protests, the Ministry of Interior released images of Kaimanera’s empty streets, trying to convey a calm atmosphere, but a user reminded them that there had been a demonstration. Massive participation He wondered How can there be so many drunkards? At Guantanamo.

The moment the struggle became known in Kaimanera, the company ETECSA took down internet connectivity in CubaHowever, videos of the demonstration could be seen on social networks.

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Kaimanera protesters gathered in front of the government and party headquarters. There Many shouted “Freedom”. And many others expressed their dissent in the regime.

The demonstration was suppressed by the government with members of the Special Forces and some demonstrators arrested.

Likewise, this Sunday is less The whereabouts of five people is unknown After protesting for independence.

These are the first major protests against the government since October 2022, when around 170 demonstrations were held against power cuts and food shortages.

were in July 2021 Historical protests in almost the entire country. The government also cut internet connection to calm the protests. They violently repressed the demonstrators and remain so to this day Hundreds of political prisoners For expressing his desire for change and calling for an end to the dictatorship in Cuba.