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Walmart to refund $4 million to defrauded customers

Walmart to refund $4 million to defrauded customers

Retail giant Walmart lost millions of dollars in gift cards purchased by its customers. The US Department of Justice said in a statement.Many of these gift cards were later disabled, leaving thousands of Walmart customers with good money.

In this regard, the company announced that it will pay $4 million to customers whose gift cards were later disabled.

The events unfolded as follows: A group of unscrupulous people cheated a few customers. Through different tactics, the idea was to get them to go to Walmart and buy gift cards. When criminals use these cards as cash, it is not easy to trace them.

In the midst of this situation, Walmart decided to freeze gift cards after seeing how volatile fraudsters were to pay. Until they are suspected of being part of a scam.

Gift cards were valued between $500.00 USD and $1000.00 USD; However, the money was not returned to the customers.

What happened next?

Faced with this situation, the US Department of Justice has asked the company to return the money to the affected people.

In other words, the body filed a lawsuit to forfeit $3.95 million in gift card balances frozen by Walmart. So, this money will be available for payment and every customer will get the amount on their card. That is, the same amount they had before the freeze.

But to get the refund, the affected people had to buy the gift card between April 2016 and July 31, 2017.

Additionally, by July 14 this year, consumers will have to submit a referral form to receive the payment. In this case, to fill it, you need to enter the Top Class Action website and select the option “Click here to file a claim”.

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