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The journalist confirms that Shakira prefers dark-skinned men

The journalist confirms that Shakira prefers dark-skinned men

Madrid Spain.

After her separation in 2022 from the former soccer player Gerrard PiqueAnd Shakira She has been romantically linked to various celebrities, something she herself denied.

In recent months, he has focused on his career and moving on Spain to United State with their children Milan And Sasha.

However, in recent weeks, he has been seen in the company of Lewis Hamiltonand even traveled to Barcelona to see the pilot Formula 1.

the Colombian singer and the British pilot to the cars He is drawing worldwide attention due to international media allegations linking them, as they have been spotted together on three different occasions.

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The last to do so were the paparazzi Jordy Martinwho stated in an interview with “Love and fire“from a singer”tabletsExcited and happy with the winner Formula 1.

Jordy Martina journalist who has a good relationship with the Colombian singer, continues Shakira For many years they have close contact.

According to the Spanish interviewer, the couple prefer to take their relationship slowly and keep it out of the spotlight. However, he dared to drop a surprise: the Colombian and the British They were planning their first trip together.

Hamilton And Shakira They’re planning to go on vacation together, and I already know what the destination is.” Martin in the Peruvian TV show Wellax TV. “will be in Caribbean countryA short trip of about an hour.

he paparazzi He decided not to give any more details and preferred to leave the matter a mystery; But he confirmed that this journey between the two stars will take place soon.

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Jordi Martin says that Shakira prefers men with dark skin

while speaking, Martin It was reported that according to sources close to Shakirathe singer has expressed it “toAfter experiencing a ‘black-haired man’, he no longer wanted to experience any ‘white boy’..

In addition, he explained that the couple decided to take things easy, but their inner circle is already aware of the situation.

I have people close to Shakira who met her this week and told them she was excited and happy‘, the photographer pointed out.

It is important to note that until now, although they have been seen together on several occasions, Shakira And Hamilton They have not made any public statements and have chosen to keep a low profile.

This situation led to an increase in rumors and speculation surrounding their relationship.

Despite this positive moment, the Colombian still dealt with a legal case in Spain relating to alleged tax evasion.

In fact, some of his statements have been made public in court. Only time will tell the outcome of this situation.

Meanwhile, the artist continues to thrive in her career and opens her heart to it Lewis Hamilton.