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The iPhone 15 is not a big deal

The iPhone 15 is not a big deal

Apple smartphone lovers believe that their iPhone is better than any other device. But the company's recent launches have caused more users than ever to switch to Google's Android operating system. This is not a bad alternative at all, since our days There are the best Android phones out there Which has nothing to envy in the iPhone 15 or any other model. If you are one of those who are seriously considering taking this step, then the devices I show you below may end up completely convincing you.

Among the main advantages of purchasing an Android mobile phone Install applications in APK format. This allows you to download apps from outside the Google Play Store, opening up a range of possibilities for your phone. We must not forget that the battery is larger and supports A Increased fast charging In some models. A series of terms that will make you forget the iOS, iPhone and Apple experience.

Xiaomi 13T Pro: the cheap high-end model

The first phone we consider better than the iPhone 15 is the Xiaomi 13T Pro, why? Well, because for €629 you get it with 12GB of RAM and 256GB of storage along with some monster features and a premium leather design. The screen is much better than the Apple phone, so you will enjoy your favorite series like a king.

It also doesn't lack an iPhone 15-level camera thanks to the Leica stamp. The 50MP main lens captures stunning natural photos, perfect for posting on social media. Moreover, it contains 50-megapixel telephoto lensWhich is what the American brand's smartphone lacks. The 120W fast charging is another thing that made me buy the Xiaomi 13T Pro first, as I got it almost 100% About 15 minutes It's a fantasy.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

The iPhone 15 currently costs €899 on Amazon, although you can have the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra for €150 more, which is several steps higher. 2K screen With great color accuracy, and a 200-megapixel camera with Better zoom They can be seen on smartphones and a smart pencil that allows you to carry out activities more quickly.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra travel handbag

In terms of power, it's on par with the iPhone 15, so no app, game or loading screen will be able to resist you. Although when it comes to battery, the best-in-class Samsung handset wins with its 45W fast and wireless charging. This along with Android 14 and 3 years From upcoming updates to get the latest news.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

*Prices were updated at the time this article was published or revised. It may vary over time.

Google Pixel 8

The exclusive experience most similar to the iPhone 15 is the Google Pixel 8, though I'll stick with the latter. Not only does it have a better screen up to it 120 Hz refresh rate, but it also includes what many consider to be the best mobile camera of 2023 The pictures look flawless Under any conditions or lighting, but the most surprising thing about the Pixel 8 is its ability to transform faces from skin.

Google Pixel 8 Pro cameras

In addition, Google promised 7 years of updates For your next-gen smartphone, which means it's a great long-term option just like Apple's phone. The Google Pixel 8 costs €669 on Amazon right now, which is significantly less than the iPhone 15.