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The influencer bought airline tickets to Qatar for $2, it was a scam and they want to silence him

The influencer bought airline tickets to Qatar for $2, it was a scam and they want to silence him

Influencer Chapu Martinez made a strong complaint about the tickets he bought to Qatar – Credits:Instagramchapumartinez

after, after Get tickets for the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar for the unusual figure under $150influential Chapo Martinez was involved in a scandal against the travel agency that sold them And with airlines for flights. As he claims: The company has been doing a scam for a long time And they sent an economic offer so as not to expose the situation.

The situation developed a few months ago. Amidst what appeared to be a mistake, on eDreams, Tickets to Qatar were offered for $31. from that way, He and his three friends got four tickets for $124.

After receiving the receipt and worrying that the company might want to back out, Chapo recounted the situation in a story posted on his Instagram account He invited all those who bought tickets of this value to Meet and get legal advice For any agency maneuvering.

What seemed to be an opportunity thanks to a mistake, led to Fraud complaint. As reported by the influencer via his Instagram stories, What happened with the value of tickets was not wrongbut she was about to way of work.

What the agency did was offer tickets for those sums and then Deduction of the actual value of the ticket, always according to Martinez’s testimony. “We weren’t the only ones who got tickets. What eDreams did for a month was post totally pointless offers and then upon payment confirmation they changed the value”It is to explain.

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However, the influencer noted that in their case the amount has not been adjusted, but this is effective They discounted what was listed on the site. Which apparently happened because he was exposed to the topic on his networks, Chapo Martinez started receiving testimonies from people who would suffer from this scam.

Under this scenario, he asserts, the company contacted him: “They offered us to shut our mouths. They offered us the possibility of getting a ticket to Qatar in terms of money. Basically, this is I traveled with my mouth shut“.

behind him His desire to go to the World Cup and his enthusiasmindicated that he would in no way accept this offer: “I will not be faithful to my friends. I will be a betrayal of them.” “Their response and the offer because they confirmed that they deceived us”he added.

In one of the videos, show screenshots of the eDreams website, where you can see shows Buenos Aires flights to Doha, Qatar, and Barcelona Spain, $15. “If this time the deception goes wrong, take responsibility. Pay us what corresponds to us. “If my scam goes wrong, then instead of making an offer to travel alone and betray my friends, I will not only accept it, but not shut my mouth,” he concluded.

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